Laptop with Chinese windows

  VNAM75 03:32 02 Jan 2011

I have been given a laptop to sort out because it is very slow. Problem is, everything is in Chinese including the Bios. The menu options when you press F1 or F2 on start up are in Chinese. It has Vista which is also in Chinese.

I want to put my old english copy of Xp on to it and I've been told I can completely overwrite the laptop without backing it up. Whats the easiest way to install a new operating system on it?

The laptop is quite decent - core 2 duo 1.6 so it will be a shame not to be able to get it working again.

  mooly 08:03 02 Jan 2011

Maybe someone could help if you give the make and model.
The Chinese bit is a problem...

Have you tried putting your XP disc in and trying to find the drive in "computer", and running setup.exe from the files on the Windows disc. If you find "computer" in Vistas start menu the drive will show there. Just right click it to explore and run the files.
Computer normally 6th up from bottom in the list,

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If that doesn't work perhaps changing the boot order in the bios to boot from CD and then the Windows disc should load.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:49 02 Jan 2011

Make and model?

A new install of windows will solve the problem of the operating system.

You could probably reflash the BIOS with an English version

  Strawballs 15:12 02 Jan 2011

In order to install O/S or flash bios you will still need to be able to read the list to set to boot to optical drive first.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 02 Jan 2011

A BIOS reset to default conditions usually has CD as first boot device.

So pulling the CMOS battery for 10 minutes may set that option if it isn't already set to boot from CD.

Remember you need a bootable CD and to pree any key when the message appears (even if it is in Chinese)

  VNAM75 02:51 03 Jan 2011

Thanks everyone, sorry for the late reply.

I have given up and returned it. Last night I had it on for a few hours trying to install XP on it. Its an acer laptop running vista premium with a phoenix bios. I did manage to get into the boot up menu which was in english. I set the first boot device to cd rom which contained the xp cd and restarted it nummerous times. Each time it always booted straight into vista. I even set it up to boot from the hard drive last. I did have the option to go into safe mode which I did but it was no help. I tried to access the xp disk from the CD drive in My computer but that did not work neither (no option or couldn't work out how to run the cd or explore its contents).

On top of all that it rebooted itself automatically a few times. I suggested they get a quote from a local pc repair store to wipe and replace the bios. The laptop is no longer with me and I don't need any further help but it woud be interesting if anyone has a concrete solution to this type of "problem". :-)

  jack O'lantern 10:26 03 Jan 2011

system that is to replaced.
Now in the days of computer with floppy drive it was easy - you simply inserted a disk with Fdisk
and run it following the prompts - this formatted the hardrive.
Now assuming this Lappie is 'modern' and no floppy
would you achieve the same result with Fdisk on a memory stick?

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