Laptop charger completely erratic?

  PabloElFlamenco 08:13 15 Oct 2008

I'm going out of my mind.
My completely new 19 volt DC Toshiba laptop charger gives slightly over 19 volts (1) at work (2) at my neigbour's home. That's fine!

In my home, I measure around 6 volts or less, and that voltage goes down progressively to less than 3 volts...of course my Toshiba laptop does not charge nor work on this kind of power.

I (and my neighbour joined me) checked the house voltage: around 226-229 volts, and the phases are all within that range, so the current is fine.

How can it be that my charger doesn't work at home? I got full guarantee but when I go to the sellers, the charger will show the correct output.

I'm going out of my mind!
Thanks if any one knows any explanation to this.

  baldydave 10:18 15 Oct 2008

have you tried a different wall socket(faulty)or have you checked
wiring are the neutral and live the wrong way round on the socket or at the mains box?

  baldydave 10:23 15 Oct 2008

try connecting to cooker 3 pin wall socket if you have one as this is on a different circuit and measure voltage

  PabloElFlamenco 10:23 15 Oct 2008

Thanks beldydave,
Of course (!) I've tried different wall sockets.
But I've not reversed the neutral/live wires anywhere.
Absolutely ALL the other home equipment TV, desktop computer, lights, fridge, etc etc are working faultlessly...

  baldydave 22:58 15 Oct 2008

I can see no logical explanation,unless wiring reversed somewhere,have you got access to a plug in mains tester the one with 3 lights which indicate live neutral and earth like this
click here
Other items tv lights will work if electric reversed as still live and neutral going to them but laptop power supply might be switched mode and if power was reversed would make a difference.
Did you try cooker circuit as this is a different ring main to sockets.

  PabloElFlamenco 08:33 16 Oct 2008

...I'll see if I can find a plug mains tester adapted to the continental/European plugs. Meanwhile I brought back the charger to the Toshiba dealer (but nothing will come out of that, I'm sure), and I've ordered another "universal" charger.
I forgot to add that my son's equally brand-new Toshiba U400 also comes equiped with a (smaller) 19 volt charger. That one gives 19.3 volts in my house, so this one works perfectly, and charges my computer batteries full.
I've decided NOT to go crazy, but the question remains wide open.
I've wondered about some electro-magnetic interferences. Since about 9 months it is nigh impossible to listen to even very local AM radio because of huge static; an American Department of Defence school is located right behind my house. I might ask the electricity company to come and do a checkout of the local electricity/static, if they will...

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