Rabi 22:28 04 Jan 2004

I have a SHARP laptop,fitted with a CD Writer / DVD combo. Running Windows XP Home.

It has worked fine since purchased in February 2003.

Today, has played music CD's, read data discs with no problem. But, when I try to write/burn a disc, message I get is:

"E:\ is not accessible
Incorrect funcion"

I have been to Device Manager, says the drive is working properly. No yellow question marks.

Went to Nero, tried to burn, realised that the "burn" button was not highlighted.Went to "Choose Recorder" option, and only recorder listed was "Image ..."; no cd-writer listed.

Went to My Documents, highlighted some folders at rndom, realised the option in XP which would automatically come up in the left tree (write these items to disc) did not appear.

Drive is a Matsu*[email protected]:a brand.

Anyone with an idea what is wrong?

  Forum Editor 00:50 05 Jan 2004

that the drive is properly seated in its bay - sometimes the connection can work a little loose.

Otherwise it sounds as if there may be a fault on the drive itself, and because it's a laptop there's not much scope for DIY. It may be worth removing the drive in device manager and rebooting the computer - so Windows can redetect it and instal the driver. It's a long shot, but have a go.

  Rabi 01:10 05 Jan 2004

Tks, will try. But, if the drive wasn't seated properly, wouldn't it alsao not play Cd's (music or data)? Why isn't it recognising that it is a CD-Writer? I can see the drive in My Computer, and when I load a data disc, it opens okay and I read the siles. Problem is when I try to burn something, data or music.
The I get :"E:\ is not accessible Incorrect funcion".

  Forum Editor 01:21 05 Jan 2004

but in your situation I think it's worth exploring all possible causes before accepting that there may be a faulty drive component. See how you get on.

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