Laptop CDROM

  Revi 20:06 09 Apr 2004

I have just bought a new laptop but I can't use a CD because the CD's hole appears to be smaller than the centre spindle of the CDROM unit. Is it possible that I have to remove something from the CDROM spindle before being able insert a CD on it??

  Revi 20:15 09 Apr 2004

^^ ^^

  Diodorus Siculus 20:18 09 Apr 2004

Will the CD just sit in there? Otherwise it may need a slight push - I know that mine does, at least.

  Revi 20:22 09 Apr 2004

No, even if I push a bit the CD doesn't sit at all!

  Revi 20:25 09 Apr 2004

Sorry, you were absolutely right. I had to press very hard to make it sit. Now it works. Thanks.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 20:36 09 Apr 2004

make sure you dont have the draw out too far when you push, i broke my dell laptop draw that way.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 20:38 09 Apr 2004

typical man realy, trying to push too hard, when the thing is too far out.

  woodchip 21:03 09 Apr 2004

You have to press the CD down on a laptop to engage the CD disc

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:34 09 Apr 2004

not if its hanging over the edge of your desk

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