Laptop cd/dvd drives

  dcu11 20:21 25 Sep 2005

Are these mainly generic as in desktop drives. I always thought they are device/laptop specific but after looking on ebay for a replacement for my Advent 7001 dvd-rom drive (my 3 year old decided it should be able to hold 4 cd's (forcibly) and now it just clicks (i think laser hitting disk))

they seem rather generic same shape, etc, but I don't know about the connectors, etc. The broken drive is not the swappable type (quick release) it's integrated

any info is appreciated


  stalion 20:27 25 Sep 2005

has your laptop got usb if so you could update with an external dvd player/burner
click here

  dcu11 20:32 25 Sep 2005

yes, I considered this but decided against due to portability, still an option if all else fails though, thanks. At the moment I am loading cd's/dvd's through my desktop pc's drives as network shares

  dcu11 15:53 26 Sep 2005

Anyone know?

  woodchip 15:58 26 Sep 2005

Why not Conntact them to see if they will supply one click here

  Chegs ® 16:21 26 Sep 2005

I recently got "all curious" and completely disassembled my IBM laptop.The CD-ROM has an unusual "take" on the IDE slots on the back of a "normal" PC,its only approx 1 inch wide,rectangular shaped,and goes over a boss out the back of the drive.The floppy also has a minature plastic ribbon thats held inplace by a smaller version of the plastic bar on end of an 80 wire IDE grey cable,and required extreme dexterity to replace(dunno how a jap chap can do hundreds of them,I was swearing and muttering "Never again" just putting it back together)If it wasn't so flippin' hard,I would remove and photograph so you can compare it to yours,and see if they are mfg specific or a generic form.

  dcu11 17:24 26 Sep 2005

@woodchip, I think I would pay a greatly inflated price though, but still an option

@chegs, yes sounds like the connector is similar, I'm currently watching a drive on ebay that is exactly the same as the one I'm replacing removed from a dead laptop, but guaranteed working, hopefully I can win it at a reasonable price!

thanks both

It seems that drives are rather generic with the exception of fixings and front bezels, but it still seems to be rather risky to buy one that I don't know for certain will fit

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