Laptop can't see my wireless connection

  Mooma 18:37 14 Nov 2007

Please can anyone help? I've been trying to solve this for weeks, but have got nowhere, as I know nothing about networking. I have a Belkin router connected to my main PC by ethernet. When I first got it, I set it all up and everything worked fine. My laptop connected by the wireless signal - I hadn't managed how to 'file share' etc., but that's another story....
A couple of months ago the laptop stopped connecting. It can see other people's networks, but not my own. I've tried changing the channels, moving things around (physically) but nothing works. I even tried plugging in the laptop to the router, but even that doesn't work now. Has anyone got any idea what I could try next?? Thanks.

  Mooma 19:26 14 Nov 2007

Just to confuse me even more, I've just discovered that according to my settings on the main PC, I don't have a wireless device??

  paul€ 21:18 14 Nov 2007

So to recap.

1) the main machine connects to the belkin router via lan cable and is on the internet

2) the desktop machine does not have a wireless device.

3)The laptop will not connect with the router either by wireless or by lan cable.

4) you want to get your laptop back on line and maybe make your desktop wireless.

Is that right

First make sure that the wireless switch on the laptop is switched on.

See if system restore will go back to before the problems, on the laptop.

If neither work, go to the router setup page and scroll through to the SSID section. See if the routersSSID is hiddden, iof it is change it.

PS has the router got security enabled on it?

  Mooma 21:35 14 Nov 2007

Hi Paul

1)The main machine connects to a broadband modem which is then connected to a wireless g+ router (all cabled).
2)In theory then this does have a wireless device?
3)the laptop will not connect at all - the switch is on and it can see other people's wireless networks, but not my own. I reinstalled it back to factory settings a few weeks back.
4)I just want to get back to how it was - desktop as now and laptop wireless.

I've tried changing the settings on the setup page, don't seem to be able to get onto page at the moment though. Don't remember seeing anything about the SSID being hidden. The router is security enabled at present, but I've also tried it without.......

  paul€ 21:45 14 Nov 2007

A couple of questions to try and visualise your set up.

' The main machine connects to a broadband modem which is then connected to a wireless g+ router (all cabled). '

Are you on cable broadband or ADSL ( via telephone socket )?

Who is your ISP?

Your setup is through a modem and then through a router. Is the router not a modem router, what is the belkin model number?

the answers to those questions may help us to help you.;-)

  paul€ 22:02 14 Nov 2007

and look at features. click here

Check that wireless is turned on and that ESSID broadcast is on.

  Mooma 22:09 14 Nov 2007

Ok - sorry for not being very clear :-D

Virgin media cable broadband modem at beginning, then Belkin wireless G+ router F5D7231-4 which goes into PC. (My PC says I don't have any wireless devices though!)

(Laptop's just managed to connect itself to someone's wireless network - whoops!)

  Mooma 22:13 14 Nov 2007

Set up page still won't display......

  paul€ 22:34 14 Nov 2007

Are you trying to get the setup page by the desktop or laptop? Can you try both. Try disabling your firewall as you try.

I don't have much experience with cable broadband, especially if it goes through a modem first, thats why I asked you to clarify the situation.:-)

But, lets try untill someone else pops along.

1) on the laptop go to control panel > network connections and disable the lan port. you do this by right clicking it and pick * disable *

2) On your dektop machine if you hover the cursor over the lan connection you should get the name of the router. The SSID. Copy this down.

now on the laptop in network connections, right click wireless network and pick properties. pick wireless networks. Is the SSID of your router there? If it is highlight it and connect. If it is not pick add. the put in the name of the router ( SSID ) and any network key the router has. Ok all these. Reboot and try to connect to the internet.

If no go

3) Go to network connections on the desktop machine. Right click the lan icon and pick properties. On the genral tab highlight tcp/ip internet protocol and properties.

the settings on the desktop machine, do you have :-

a) obtain IP automatically


b) se the following IP address.

what ever settings you have, make sure they are the same for the WIRELESS settings on the laptop.

  Mooma 23:02 14 Nov 2007


I set the SSID name myself, so know it should all be the same, as are all the settings. The laptop can't find it at all and I don't think there's any signal to pick up. What I don't understand that nowhere in the listings does it say I have a Belkin, just the cable modem. It's like it's passing through it without noticing! It was all working before and I didn't do anything. Same thing had happened to my daughter and she lives somewhere else!

Thanks for all your efforts....


  Mooma 23:02 14 Nov 2007

PS the settings website seems to be down - can't get onto it from any computer??

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