Laptop can't establish a!

  sacha66 17:26 21 May 2006

I bought an Acer Aspire 1640 laptop last week which has XP Home (service pack 2) installed. I am trying to establish a wireless internet network connection with Wanadoo - we have another laptop with a wired connection to Wanadoo already installed and it's working fine.

At first, my laptop could 'see' the Wanadoo network, but could not establish a connection. I called Wanadoo, who after trying everything eventually said there was a problem with my laptop. I then called Acer, who told me it was my network adaptor and to download a driver from their website and re-install it. This I have done after which a new connection wizard appeared, but the same problem persists! My laptop tells me the network adaptor is working ok.

There is no registered IP address, just a line of 000's - I thought this would be automatically found when the laptop talked to the Wanadoo router? The TCP/IP properties show 'obtain address automatically' and 'DHCP enabled'.

Any suggestions? I don't know much computer jargon so an idiots guide would be great!

Many thanks, Sacha

  ade.h 17:50 21 May 2006

What firewall are you using on this client?

What adapter does it have and is it running any form of 3rd-party (Acer included) software? (I'm not counting drivers in that; just utilities.)

Wanadoo has gone for the cop-out of blaming your equipement, and Acer has done much the same. Support centres will insist that the Earth is flat if they think it'll make a difference.

  mgmcc 20:55 21 May 2006

What are you actually trying to connect to - a Wanadoo Livebox or a conventional wireless router?

If it is a Livebox, there is a procedure you have to go through in order to be able to connect third-party WiFi adapters with it.


How to connect a wireless adapter to your Livebox using Windows XP (SP1) software click here

how to connect a wireless adapter to your Livebox using Windows XP (SP2) software click here

  sacha66 10:34 22 May 2006

Hi mgmcc - Its the Wanadoo Livebox I'm trying to connect to. Yeah, I've got the connection procedures thanks, I followed the ones for SP2 and WiFi with no luck! My laptop is English but I'm living in France, hence trying to connect to a French Wanadoo system....hope that doesn't make a difference.

Ade.h - the laptop came with MS Windows Firewall software, which is currently off.

The adaptor is: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG network connection and the ethernet: Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC.

I'm afraid I've no idea how to find out which utilities it may also be running, but I'll have a look around and get back to you.

Doesn't everyone these days opt out of taking responsibility????

Thanks. Sacha

  dms05 10:54 22 May 2006

Can you connect the problem laptop by using the Ethernet connection that is known to work?

Have you enabled any encryption on the Wanadoo router and not on the WiFi laptop.

Is your laptop set for 'connect to any wifi' or just 'ad-hoc'?

I have a new Acer laptop and that simply connected to my wifi when I turned it on (I enabled the card in Connections and pressed the on/off button on the front and entered the WEP key).

Windows XP update (Custom not Express) offered me the wifi card driver upgrade as an option.

  sacha66 14:11 22 May 2006

dms05 - No, I haven't used the ethernet to connect (I don't think) - is it the same process? I'm afraid the first I knew 'ethernet' existed was from reading this forum!

I press button 1 on the Wanadoo livebox and the laptop found the network, I entered the WEP key, but the laptop doesn't seem to register it and goes no further than that. It seems unable to read the IP address from the livebox and therefore connect.

Should the laptop be set to 'connect to any wifi'? I'm going to go through the process as in the Wanadoo handbook again now, just to see what happens.

  sacha66 15:50 22 May 2006

Okay, so having re-installed the adaptor driver and double checked everthing was set up, I've just gone back through the Wanadoo set up again and hey presto! it worked!

But then the connection became extremely slow then, 'The page cannot be displayed' and after, no connection. 5mins later we're back online but the same thing happens - slow then nothing. Any ideas? The livebox is very near the laptop and the original laptop connection is still fast.

  dms05 15:51 22 May 2006

sacha66 - if you go to your wifi card in Network Connections, right click then in Wireless Network Connection Properties click the Advanced button - this opens to 3 choices (Any, Access Point, Ad Hoc). Make sure yours isn't ad hoc. Use Access Point.

If you take the new laptop and swop it for the old laptop, using the same cable (ethernet) connection to the router, can you access the Internet then?

You are using the same WEP key for the the Livebox and Laptop? How have you entered it on the both? The XP dialogie box needs a hexadecimal key whereas you might have entered it otherwise on the Livebox.

  dms05 15:53 22 May 2006

Posted the above before I saw your latest. So connection does occur but fails soon afterwards. That's a different problem!

  sacha66 16:27 22 May 2006

Oh great!

I've just been reading another post under Absolute Beginners where someone had exactly the same problem with an Acer ie it kept dropping the connection. They fixed it using an external wireless adaptor, so I plugged my original laptop's external adaptor into my new laptop and lo and behold, I have perfect internet access. Unfortunately this isn't quite the solution I wanted since I can't access the internet with both laptops at the same time!

Does this mean there's something wrong with the internal adaptor then? or is it the wifi card?

  dms05 22:05 22 May 2006

It indicates a problem with the Acer and the way it is handling the original WiFi card. If you feel like trying - go to your WiFi card and right click then choose Properties and from there go to Configure. This should produce a list of properties in the Advanced tab. Try setting up 802.11b only and see if that helps, it will probably be under 54Mb. You can also change various other things like Antenna Diversity - might be worth trying.

What type of card does work?

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