Laptop cannot connect to internet

  Elwell 16:04 02 Jan 2009

I have a 3000 N100 which has worked perfectly up to a few days ago. Now I cannot connect to the internet. I think this might have happened after downloading a Microsoft update but not sure. The machine connects to the router and the icon shows an 'excellent' connection but the browsers won't connect. I have released and renewed the IP and tried to fix winsock but nothing has worked. The IP is automatic. I have checked everything a dozen times and got nowhere. I tend to think it's something to do with assigning of IP but my knowledge is too limited in this area. Any help would be appreciated and I can probably find relevant info if needed.

  palinka 16:38 02 Jan 2009

In IE try Tools>internet Options>connection. It may be something quite basic that has been affected by the MS update, and when I've had problems similar to yours I've found that some of the settings there have changed.
Or you could try a system restore to a date when it worked OK.

  User-1229748 16:47 02 Jan 2009

could uninstall the updates from when the trouble started or reset internet explorer or try internet explorer with no nadd ons.

  User-1229748 16:48 02 Jan 2009

no nadd ons?sorry no add ons :o)

  User-1229748 16:58 02 Jan 2009

if you are getting "internet explorer cannot display the web page" have you clicked on diagnose connection? sorry if that was a daft question.

  realist 16:59 02 Jan 2009

What is router make/model?
Are the router settings ok?
If the router is supported by your isp can they help you get a connection?

  Elwell 17:22 02 Jan 2009

System restore didn't work. Browser details are correct. There are a few updates recently so I don't want to mess around with them. The connection is good - another computer on the same network is fine. The router is Speedtouch 570. I've checked the configuration and everything is fine which why I think the problem is with the laptop.I've updated the wireless driver but that hasn't done anything.

  realist 17:37 02 Jan 2009

Have you tried assigning a static ip?
You may need to contact your isp to do this.
click here

  User-1229748 17:40 02 Jan 2009

some ideas hereclick here

  Elwell 17:47 02 Jan 2009

I could get a static ip but it's another £5 a month with my ISP. And anyway the system is fine (other than the laptop which was fine).

  brundle 17:57 02 Jan 2009

You need to confirm whether the problem is your router's connection to your ISP (the WAN) or your computer's connection(s) to your router (the LAN). The two are logically and physically separate.
Check the lights on the router, or within its configuration pages to see if it has been allocated an IP address by your ISP.

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