laptop can not see external HDD ?

  Ikelos 14:20 14 Dec 2005

hi, just got an HDD drive caddy, fitted the 60gb drive into it, as far as i can make out it is listed in device manager, it is usb, but the laptop can not see it, the laptop is xp.

thanks for any help..

  rmcqua 14:29 14 Dec 2005

Not sure what you mean! Are you trying it in 2 systems - one where XP shows it in device manager and another (laptop) where XP does not show it?

  Pidder 14:33 14 Dec 2005

Does your laptop indicate by a "tune" that it has identified the external drive when you connect it?

  Ikelos 14:34 14 Dec 2005

hi, got an external drive caddy so i can use a spare HDD for storage and the like, fitted the drive into the caddy after setting the jumpers to "master" as in previous thread, it sems to be listed in device manager, but not listed when i click "my computer" on the desktop.....

  Ikelos 14:35 14 Dec 2005

hi, yes it does, sort of "ding-dong" that ia a tecnical term :-))

  Pidder 14:50 14 Dec 2005

Mine shows as two extra drives, with next letters, just wonder if it ought to have been set as "slave", can't remember what I did with mine.

  woodchip 14:53 14 Dec 2005

Right click My Computer\Manage\Disc Management Set the drive up there for use Drive letter and partion and format

  Ikelos 15:05 14 Dec 2005

hi again, right, found the drive as in Mr Woodchips post it 6 55.90gb healthy (active).

so now i need to know how to go about a format.


  woodchip 15:11 14 Dec 2005

never used that, but know it can be done in there just have a look at the top for setting etc. I use Acronis Disc Manager

  Ikelos 15:14 14 Dec 2005

thanks all, I will see what Mr Seagate has got on his website. be back later.

we will get there..............

  woodchip 15:16 14 Dec 2005

Just had a look in above it under Actions All Tasks

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