Laptop C rash

  wingfield 21:42 04 Mar 2007

I've just had our laptop repaired - new motherboard & battery. However, now it keeps crashing or freezing up. One of my lads was trying to do homework today and it went down two or three times and it's gone twice yesterday. Is there a test I can do to see what isn't working? or is something not compatible? Any suggestions would be appreciated or else I'll have to take it to the repair shop and let them have a try.

  STREETWORK 22:00 04 Mar 2007

If the repair was under warranty or guarantee then they should sort it out for you. without any 'hands on' with the PC it would be hard for us to diagnose the problem...

  woodchip 22:09 04 Mar 2007

All repairs have to have a warranty, take it back. If the Motherboard Chipset is different then the drivers are no good if it still using the old ones

  wingfield 23:22 04 Mar 2007

Yes I had a 3yr warranty so the mobo was done under this. When I sent it to HP the hard drive had been taken out by a repair shop as I thought it was dead. Then I found I had the 3yr warranty. I sent the hard drive with the laptop but they never put the hD back in ( Don't ask me why - it's beyond me) So when it came back I spent another 50 quid to have the HD put back in. I'll have to get onto HP again, but I don't want it to be away for another 3 weeks or so. Will the set up discs for the original machine be any good?

  phono 00:09 05 Mar 2007


As it is an HP laptop I doubt if the Motherboard chipset has changed since the repair/replacement, I would send it back to HP for another repair.


As you had a third party remove the hard drive HP, rightly or wrongly, probably did not see why they should replace it in the machine, though I think it's a bit rich of the repair shop to ask you for £50 to replace a HD which they removed should have been able to diagnose as faulty or otherwise, I would also suggest that you are lucky that HP didn't "wash their hands" of the problem altogether because a third party was involved in "unauthorised repairs or modifications" as most guarantees stipulate.

I'm afraid you will probably have to bite the bullet on the time taken for a repair and to answer your last question, your original setup discs should work fine.

  wingfield 09:59 05 Mar 2007

Woodchip - Do you think it's worth my trying the original setup discs first or just sending it back to HP?

  woodchip 20:52 05 Mar 2007

If you have nothing on the drive that you want, I would yes try the Recovery disc

  wingfield 21:48 05 Mar 2007

Woodchip - The hard dirve is full of stuff we want. I'll have to get onto HP and see what they say. Thanks for your advice.

  woodchip 21:51 05 Mar 2007

Have you anything to copy the files photos to. Like DVDR etc

  wingfield 22:02 05 Mar 2007

I might have uncovered the problem. I have a 40Gb HD I've just had a look at the free space and it's ......625Mb!!!! My sons just downloand any and everything from pictures to videos to music files. They are going to have to have a good clear out first. Then we'll see if things work any better. I don't use the laptop much - only to check e-mails.

  phono 17:13 06 Mar 2007

That may well be the problem as Windows uses the HD as virtual memory, it could explain the freezing and crashing.

Can you get access to an external HD or similar? If you could it would enable you to copy small blocks of data on to the external device and then delete those which have been copied across from the laptop, in this way you would slowly free up drive space but you may be able to get some stuff copied across before a crash happened.

When you have the free space on the HD at the required level, and if the system is running okay, I would recommend a thorough disk cleanup followed by a defragment.

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