Laptop bought off ebay.a few little problems

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:31 30 Jan 2005

Hi i bought a laptop off ebay for £225.

Intel pentium3 400mhz,128mb ram,6gbhdd.XP pro sp2

1)The lid is wobbly,its not really that big of a deal but it feels tacky.

2)At startup it sounds like a motor bike reving goes away once its passed the black screen.

3)Sometimes it freezes up or 1/2 of WMP goes missing.would a memory upgrade,help this?

IF anyone could tell me a soloution to any of the problems,id be most greatfull.thanks.ben

  alan227 10:41 30 Jan 2005

Normally for XP OS the minimum requirements are 500mhz processor and 128mb of memory so it is slightly underpowered for XP

  Stuartli 10:52 30 Jan 2005

I think you probably mean 256MB of RAM.

A better bet to acquiring a secondhand laptop would have most likely been from an outlet such as:

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  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:57 30 Jan 2005

windows XP requirements are something like 250mhz proccessor,64mb,1.5gb hdd

  alan227 11:00 30 Jan 2005

Big Ben I would like to see XP running on those specs :)

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 11:04 30 Jan 2005

I have seen it run on 333mhz,64mb,2.1gb works fine,apart from some programs are norton

  Completealias 11:17 30 Jan 2005

From microsoft website xp minium requirements 233mhz 300mhz recommended 128mb RAM 1.5gig HDD space.

Ideally though xp needs at least 256 ram as it is rather memory hungry.512 even better

The sound it makes do you know where it is coming from ie is it the hard drive grinding?

Have you ran disk cleanup, defrag, spyware, anti virus? Clean out all the temp files etc. You may find that if you go back to 98 on it u may see a system improvement.

It sounds like its a bit battered thou

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 12:17 30 Jan 2005


nope,it is in very good cosmic condition,apart from the screen where it slightly wobbles.

ill check if it is coming from the harddisk next time i bootup as i am on it now.

perhaps it is time for a defrag.also a memory upgrade,the cpu usage is around 30% even when it does freeze so i think its the memory,from crucial i can get it for about £30

thankyou for confirming the specs,i wasn't far off though was i?.though its 64 128 recommended.thanks.ben

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