Laptop booting into DOS

  bamfiesler 14:15 01 Apr 2003

My other half has been given a laptop that has been jiggered about with. All I know of this machine is there's a verison of Windows 98 on it - I can briefly see it on startup - but the machine then boots into DOS. I, for my sins, have been asked to help. Any ideas, or is it worth trying a reformat?

  Lú-tzé 14:29 01 Apr 2003

Well, one thing you can do at the DOS prompt is type


That may start windows for you.

If not, type


that may start windows.

If not, type

edit c:\autoexec.bat

[I think that is the required command]

and post back what is there - it will give an idea of why windows is not loading.

  bamfiesler 14:38 01 Apr 2003

Thanx, but all I keep getting is 'bad command or file name'.

What I have at the moment is C:\> and the flashing cursor.....

  bamfiesler 14:40 01 Apr 2003

I have just typed 'command prompt' and gotten back 'specified COMMAND search directory bad'.

Sounds great............

  Lú-tzé 14:45 01 Apr 2003

Typing "command prompt" won't get you anywhere!

Try typing


and see if that will run.

Or try


to see a directory listing of what is on the hdd.

  bamfiesler 14:49 01 Apr 2003

did that;nothing

  bamfiesler 14:54 01 Apr 2003

sorry, got 'dir' that time.

  Lú-tzé 14:56 01 Apr 2003

OK - get a windows 98 boot disk, from, for example, click here and try starting with it in the floppy drive.

It is strange that nothing happens when you type in these commands at the DOS prompt. Do the letters appear on the screen? What happens when you press the enter button?

  bamfiesler 14:57 01 Apr 2003

typing C:\>DIR gave me, amonsgt other things, 1 file(S) 93,890 bytes 0 dir(S) 17,914.84 MB free

  bamfiesler 14:59 01 Apr 2003

I am running an authentic 98se boot disk also

  Lú-tzé 15:09 01 Apr 2003

Sounds like it may be time to try reinstalling windows - do you have a win98 cd? If so, have a go as long as there is nothing valuable on it that may be needed.

Start it with the bootdisk and see what you can do with that - i.e. get any commands.

Or simply type


assuming the cd drive is D:

Then follow the setup instructions for Win98.

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