Laptop boot loop, BSOD.

  destan 08:33 23 Feb 2012

My personal laptop has gone a bit awry. Receive the following when trying to start after a system crash, no new hard ware fitted, computer left on with screen off, had to hard reboot as screen control would not work. I have had a flickering screen so would like to know if it will be the invertor which I have been told would be easy to cahnge.

Samsung R710, 2009, running Centrino2, Vista. On start up, req Boot password, truecrypt, passes that then the screen has the sliding green line above Microsoft Corp, this continues for about 3 minutes, then there is a flash of BSOD, then the next boot asks as there was a start up fault do you wish to run recovery or start normally. normally just loops again, start up recovery goes into samsung recovery tool, but fails with the following message. "unable to locate x:WinClon\Manager1.exe" and just powers down after ok button pressed. Help!

Thanks Stan

  birdface 10:27 23 Feb 2012

Not knowing that much about it I thought that any advice may be better than none.

Have you got another monitor that you can hook up to to see if it works on that.

Or have you tried Tapping F8 or F5 as the computer starts to see if you can get into safe mode.

  chub_tor 11:22 23 Feb 2012

If you Google "unable to locate x:WinClon\Manager1.exe" you will find several people with the same problem and a number of solutions. One of these can be found here

  destan 18:45 23 Feb 2012

Laptop now fails to start at all, HDD light comes on with power then turns off, HDD spins slowly but nothin at all on screen. Was trying to recover as oppose to re-install Vista. Proper annoyed. Is there a device to allow me to connect HDD from laptop to Decktop PC to check for data on disc? Looks terminal, may just buy another HDD, I take it the Boot is on the HDD and not stored somewhere else?

  destan 18:51 23 Feb 2012

Got it spinning again, 12lb club hammer did the trick, now still has the old unable to locate x:WinClon\Manager1.exe but the link given earlier does not relate to this issue, nothing to do about "unable to locate x:WinClon\Manager1.exe!" Advice appreciated

  chub_tor 20:22 23 Feb 2012

If you read the link the section you are looking for is 4 lines down in the text.

  destan 20:29 23 Feb 2012

No joy, Samsung no use. Have resorted to a complete re-installation. Bl*y anoyed, but there we go. Hoperfuly last set of back ups will work, SP1 will have to run SP2 and all the Updates, Grrr. Cheers all.

  destan 21:09 03 Mar 2012

Well, three days later, after rebuilding from blank to Vista I download most programmes and shell out on buying Win7. Download and a bit extra for disc. After a days download I run the update, only to be told by the wizard I can only do a fresh install. Backed up in November so thought, ok.

Ran the Win7 install and left running whilst I went to work, Came back lunch time to find an over sized pointer on the screen with a HDD flash every 6 seconds. Bggr I said, tried a hard reboot to be given 3 outcomes; Run Win7 Run rollback Run Vista

all three failed, two went to BSOD, all three came up with the Win7 logo, and only the Win7 option went to an oversized pointer.

Annoyed is not the word.

Cyberlink, which had helped me out with the re-install of Power DVD 9-11 ran out today, still waiting for the Win7 disc from Microsoft.

All other programmes are lost and SAMSUNG the makers of the laptop refuse to help in anyway. Will not be buying from them again! Not that they are bothered.

Is it possible to download a complete win7 ISO t my main pc so I can burn an installation disc? I have the key to unlock it.

All help IS appreciated and welcomed.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:30 03 Mar 2012

Win 7 iso here

  destan 23:12 04 Mar 2012

Well, after about 40 attempts with the Samsubg boot disc, orphcrack, win7 iso, Win8 iso, I managed to get the latop to run a self test, where it revovered and repaired its start up. Lo and behold, Vista back with all my folders. How, I am not sure. Thanks fruit bat for your link and download. Have Win7.iso and downloaded Win8.iso from Microsoft. After re-running the Win7 install it tells me that Vista Ultimate is not compatible for an upgrade so I will have to speak to Microsoft and find out which Win7 product I need, so as to keep my existing files, otherwise it will be a clean install.

Thanks again EVERYONE!


  destan 19:20 05 Mar 2012


crashed again with similar faults.

This time it is either unable to locate and asks for a Ctrl-Alt-Delete restart or hangs with the big cursor arrow.

I know the data is on the hard disc, just that there seems to be a fault with the BOOT from the partition it is on. I ran Checkdisc last night and this morning it said there was a fault $150 on sector 35...........

came back this afternoon, no change on display so hard reboot.

Back to square one. So.

Is this a HDD fault, if so can I get a chassis to swap the main data out if I install a new one? Should I get rid of the laptop but retain HDD. Should I cry?

Confused is the word of today.


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