laptop beeping on start up

  flopsy88 15:29 24 Mar 2009

Hi Guys, My laptop has started beeping on start up. Then it takes ages for the page to load, then when I go to log on to the windows page my password has already been filled in like this**************************** and I have to wait a few minutes to delete it and put in my password.

Before this when I went switched the laptop on the page that came up said.WINDOWS BOOTLOG.
This has now gone and the beeping has started.
I really am at a loss as to what has happenned

  Pineman100 17:21 24 Mar 2009

Can you identify fairly accurately when the problem started?

If so, I should use System Restore to roll your computer back to a point before the problem arrived.

If your Windows startup is so flakey that can't get to System Restore in the normal way, try starting the computer in Safe Mode, and running SR from there.

  flopsy88 17:46 24 Mar 2009

Thank you very much for replying.
It started the other night with a windows bootlog.I then done a system restore and it then started bleeping and filling out my password before I got to log on. I should of told you that this is a vista home premium

  flopsy88 18:34 24 Mar 2009

Hi again. I did a system restore in safe mode, but it reverted back to the beeping and filling out my password. Thanks again anyway for your help and once again sorru for posting in the wrong thread.

  woodchip 18:51 24 Mar 2009

Only thing you can change to stop beeps is the Faulty Memory, if thats what it is

  flopsy88 19:52 24 Mar 2009

Thanks woodchip for replying. If it is a faulty memory , is there anything I can do to resolve it?.
The beeping stops when I keep pressing the on button, but then it starts to fill in my password, even after a system restore.

  woodchip 20:06 24 Mar 2009

Only thing you can do is test the Memory, if faulty you need to change it for some new. click here

  flopsy88 23:01 24 Mar 2009

Hi I did the memory scan and it was ok no errors.

So I guess I am off to the repair shop in the morning, but I really have appreciated the help here.

  woodchip 23:04 24 Mar 2009

Only other thing it can be is Graphics, but this means a new Motherboard

  Taff™ 07:12 25 Mar 2009

My guess is a sticking key on the keyboard which would cause beeps and also explains the password filling in.

  Roger Evens 09:03 25 Mar 2009

my sony vaio did this and you might try by removing battery and connecting into mains adaptor, hold start button for 30 seconds. Mine doesnt beep now but have to run it using mains adaptor. The battery is no good, it is nine years old however!

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