Laptop battery won't charge

  solfer 12:43 14 Feb 2008


Here's the lowdown on my battery woes!

My Acer 3003Wlmi is just over two years old. After 11 months or so, the battery had got to the point where it lasted less than 10 mins when "fully charged". It then stopped the laptop from working when it was connected (everything froze). Fine on the mains.

Acer replaced the battery under warranty, and this one has now done exactly the same.

I just bought a replacement Lithium Ion - 4400 mAh, and although it doesn't freeze the laptop, I left it "charging" for 24 hours and XP's battery power monitor didn't change from 0%.

The battery light on the front of the Acer stopped flashing, which suggested to me it was fully charged, but no - pulled the mains adaptor and off went the laptop. Even more strangely though, it then allowed me to boot from the battery, only to see the monitor still showing 0% charge..

If I had any hair left I'd be pulling it out now!! Anyone know what's going on with this?

  Demora 13:28 14 Feb 2008

Could be static build up. Take out battery and mains lead. Press power on switch and hold for 30 seconds. Re install battery and then power cord. and let charge for recommended time. Also make sure that the power cord isn't connected to an extension. Straight from wall socket.

Its just a start. May not be a fix.


  solfer 14:08 14 Feb 2008

Cheers Demora, anything's worth a try!

Never use an extension, so I'll try the power on switch method & report back with the outcome..

  bjh 15:07 14 Feb 2008

Does the machine run from the battery - ie is it holding charge, but mis-reporting it as uncharged? This could be caused by the generic replacement not being recognised fully by the computer.

  bjh 15:10 14 Feb 2008

Oh, afterthought... It might need to be cycled through recharge two or three times before it will hold a full charge... is it just holding too low a charge compared with the original?

  solfer 15:23 14 Feb 2008

With this new battery it runs for a few minutes tops. The problem with cycling thru 2 or 3 recharges is the fact that there's no way for me to see when it is actually fully charged, what with the power monitor always showing 0%..

There was a brief moment yesterday when it told me it had 75% charge (after 26 hours), so I pulled the mains to check and it went straight into hibernate!

  solfer 15:24 14 Feb 2008

.. then immediatey displayed 0% again.

  bjh 15:32 14 Feb 2008

OK, so it doesn't sound like the battery needs cycling. It does sound like the battery isn't charging properly (and given the 75% report and subsequent action) and may not be compatible.

However, given the problems with the two earlier batteries which certainly SHOULD have been compatible, I wonder if it is a hardware fault...

This compatible is a Lithium Ion - 4400 mAh. Do the originals state what power they have on them> Were they much weaker? Do they have a code that we can do a search to identify them?

  solfer 15:42 14 Feb 2008

I'll have a look this evening bjh - at work right now. Thanks for the follow up - much appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 14 Feb 2008

Laptop Battery not showing Charging
1. Turn off the computer,
2. Take the battery out
3. Take out the power supply
4. Push the power button down for 30 seconds.
5. Reconnect power supply
6. Then the battery.
Should now show 100% charged. This is because sometimes the mother board gets static and this clears it and the reason it showed not charging was beacuse it was fully charged.

  bjh 17:26 14 Feb 2008

But the o.p says the battery isn't holding a charge either... or is it just not charging because it's not showing itself in need of charge...

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