Laptop Battery Should be on Constent Charge?

  User-ACFFB88C-B2CE-41E3-82B7A73B8CF31A6B 13:27 24 Jul 2007

I've brought a new Laptop and currently using it with the AC power on constently but i'm wondering if i am damaging the battery by leaving it on charge all the time and reducing the batterys life span, should i take out the battery or is it fine to leave it in?


  Enoch 13:31 24 Jul 2007

I have a laptop and personally I have always left the battery in and it is continually being charged. I have never had a problem when going off the mains into a battery mode. My last laptop was good for five years and I have only changed the laptop because it was getting old and and tired like me.

  Jackcoms 13:32 24 Jul 2007
  cream. 13:40 24 Jul 2007

never had a problem. when it is fully charged it turns the charger off.

I just run the battery down about once a week.

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