Laptop battery problem

  leeknight67 14:25 12 Nov 2006

I have had my laptop for 2 years now and i think my 2nd battery has gone as well, i have gone into the power options and it has been on 11% for weeks now if i unplu it the screen goes really black and you can barly make out the icons. Has it got a charge issue?


  Graham. 14:40 12 Nov 2006

There may be an option in BIOS to calibrate the battery. When you plug in the charger, the laptop takes that as the discharged level. By calibrating, the level is reset to 'flat'.

  leeknight67 14:43 12 Nov 2006

how do i get to that?

  Graham. 14:49 12 Nov 2006

You need to know the key to press on boot. On mine it's F1. Search for BIOS in Help.

  leeknight67 14:54 12 Nov 2006

nothing about the battery was there

  Graham. 14:55 12 Nov 2006

Battery Calibration is under the Exit menu on mine.

  leeknight67 15:40 12 Nov 2006

there is nothing there about a battery

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