laptop battery problem

  leeknight67 20:05 02 Aug 2005

for some reason my laptop says its at 100% battery yet when i unplug it from the mains it switches off. its a packard bell intel celeron 2.7 ghz 720 mb ram . also there has been a sort of ticking noise every now and again coming from my laptop which has never made it before

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:38 02 Aug 2005

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  woodchip 20:53 02 Aug 2005

PS the battery may also have a problem, check it out with a MutiTester and Load

  woodchip 20:54 02 Aug 2005

It sounds like the Battery as lost connection on the motherboard print, or a dry joint. As the Battery and mains work together when the Battery is in it charges even when you are using Mains. So it's dirty connections or the above

  woodchip 20:57 02 Aug 2005

PS for a Load you could use a Main light bulb, you are only dealing with low volts. But be aware not to short the connectors as, although only low volts the battery can unload currant very quick. Enough to start a fire. With the light bulb it should glow dim

  leeknight67 17:50 03 Aug 2005

so what should i do?

  woodchip 18:07 03 Aug 2005

First you need to test the Battery with a MultiTester for Volts and Positive and Negative connections. then test with a 240 volts light bulb as above. If the battery is any good it should just get a dull glow from the bulb element. For Laptop If you are no good with Electronics I suggest a Laptop Specialise

  Forum Editor 19:14 03 Aug 2005

and cheack that the contacts are clean. Then replace it.

It sounds odd, but that cures the problem 90% of the time. If it doesn't work in your case you either have a faulty battery, a faulty connector, or a fault on your motherboard.

How old is this computer, and how much have you used it solely on the battery?

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