Laptop battery power reserve check?

  Wilham 13:24 15 Jan 2006

I suppose I have done well to have the original NiMH battery in my Sharp laptop five years after buying it new, perhaps because I normally use it on the mains adaptor.

A recent check run on the NiMH lasted for 5 min, but a recharge increased the run-time to 10 min., and subsequent discharge/charge cycles improved the reserve, now about 30 min. but 'sit and stare' puts me to sleep.

Does anyone know of a s/w program I can run that will store how long the laptop runs before cutting out?

Otherwise I shall run an analog quartz clock from the laptop USB output volts, and read elapsed time from the dial hands. But a s/w solution will be simpler.

  PaulB2005 13:28 15 Jan 2006

Control Panel, Power Options. You should have options for alarms to be set when the battery gets to certain levels (i.e. 10% and 3%). Charge up, switch on, note time, put laptop next to you, watch TV / read paper etc and listen for the alarms.

  Wilham 14:54 15 Jan 2006

PaulB2005: Unfortunately I'm hard of hearing, only wear my hearing aid when essential, so not much TV, and anyway I'm not keen carrying around the laptop. (NiMH is heavy).

I appreciate your kind thought.

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