laptop battery power loss

  tonyq 11:26 13 Nov 2006

I have a Acer Aspire 1400 laptop about 3yrs old,when I have been using it by means of the mains power,which is then switched off after closing down the laptop.(charged 100%).When I switch the laptop on the morning after,the battery shows around 93%,Is this normal or is it time to buy a new battery. I ask this as I have been getting the low battery notification quite often after using the laptop on battery for only short periods.

  Gongoozler 11:46 13 Nov 2006

Laptop batteries should be good for 300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles. It might help if you fully discharge the battery and recharge it overnight for a few cycles. Battery life is also reduced if the laptop runs hot, so ensure that there is adequate ventilation. This site has some useful information on the subject click here.

  keithlik 11:58 13 Nov 2006

A three year old battery will lose a bit. 93% is not too bad.

  tonyq 09:19 14 Nov 2006

update,I used it yesterday using the mains,worked ok till later on when I got the low battery bleep,when I checked the battery was only charged 3% even though it had been running on the mains most of the day. I left it overnight to see if it would charge up,when I switched it on this morning the battery was at 2%,but the battery is now charging up. I think the trouble may have to do with the port(if that is the correct word)where the mains adaptor connects to the laptop,as it does seem a bit of a poor fit(have tried a different cable with the same result). Has it happens I found apiece of semi round metal near were we use the laptop,that appears by the size as though it could have at one time fitted in the port,but not knowing at the time I found it I threw it away.I mention this as a while ago the cable was torn out of the port bringing the port fascia of the laptop. If it is the port itself that's broken is it repairable?.

  Gongoozler 12:41 15 Nov 2006

Almost anything is repairable - at a price. A quick Google search revealed this one, which by coincidence specifically mentions the power socket click here. If you want to find a repairer more local to you, just get Google to search for "laptop repair (your town)"

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