Laptop - battery to mains connection swapping

  spy007 11:18 16 May 2009

Hi all,
Complete newby here (son of Furkin).
I have just bought an ACER (Bluray) Laptop. Sometimes it seems as though when swapping from battery to mains use, it closes down. Is this normal ?
I might be using the machine, when the Battery Low indicator shows, so I plug in the transformer lead. The machine closes down at this point & I have to restart.
Although I'm new to this, I havn't seen this happen on my friends machines.

Am I doing something wrong ?

many thanks

  Diemmess 11:46 16 May 2009

Just a wild guess.......

I'm certain you are doing nothing wrong except that knowing this will happen it may be wiser to plug in the mains supply at the start of the session.

The "transformer" is a very sophisticated circuit which self adjusts to current demands, while maintaining a critical voltage.

If for even a twinkling during the charger's own boot-up there is a zero volt situation, then the effect will be like starting the reboot proceedure on the laptop.

  woodchip 11:55 16 May 2009

Check Power settings in Control Panel also in Device Manager make sure that the WiFi is not in Power Save mode when running on battery. as it will cut you off from the net

  mooly 13:15 16 May 2009

I have an Acer Aspire. No problems with disconnecting mains while running or reconnecting while running. Try doing this, leaving the AC adapter connected at all times and just turning off at the mains with it running, then when the battery is low switch on at the mains and see what happens.

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