Laptop battery life between charges

  jz 12:20 04 Jun 2006

Around two years ago, there was a lot of talk about laptops with five or six hour battery life between charges. I guess this was for when you weren't doing anything taxing - eg typing in a Word Processor rather than playing a game.

What sort of battery life is now achievable? Are new laptops fairly similar in battery life or are some much better than others? How dependent is it on the chipset, eg are AMD mobile chips any better or worse than Intel mobile chips?

  SANTOS7 12:42 04 Jun 2006
  jz 12:55 04 Jun 2006

Thanks for your comments Santosh.

I've heard about fuel cells but I suspect the first ones to become available won't be that great, like the early TFT displays which were expensive and poor quality (though small and low power of course).

I know about the tips on increasing battery life, but suspect quite a bit of it comes down to how much power the laptop itself uses, all things being equal.

  LivEviL 12:59 04 Jun 2006

click here

take a look at this

  SANTOS7 13:01 04 Jun 2006

click here
interesting theory...

  DieSse 14:03 04 Jun 2006

It's not a theory - there's now a fix for it.

click here

  SANTOS7 14:12 04 Jun 2006

the benefits and techniques for switching from CCFL to LED backlighting on displays "Being the theory"
which is whats in the link, i don't see what your fix has to do with backlights...

  jz 14:14 04 Jun 2006

It would be good if the LEDs could be used directly in the display panel, rather than as a back light. Then efficiency would be even higher, and battery life longer. Trying to make 3,000,000 very small LEDs is I guess the problem.

  ade.h 15:39 04 Jun 2006

If/when OLED screens become commonplace, we should see a big increase in battery life. click here

  DieSse 15:43 04 Jun 2006

You're quite right - I clicked on the link above yours - added two and two and got 5!

  SANTOS7 15:48 04 Jun 2006

I'll forgive ya, interesting proposition tho, 10hr batteries, LED backlighting,

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