Laptop Battery Life

  StedyEd 09:12 27 Nov 2009


We had some laptops at work brand new from Dell about a year ago, since then all but one of the batterys have completly died, they hold no charge at all and have to be ran off mains all the time.

Some people within the workshop when using the laptops ran them on the charger all day whilst using them (could be up to 8 hours)and then at the end of shift they would be put on charge over night.

Could this be the reason behind the batterys completly dying?

Thanks in advance


  birdface 09:22 27 Nov 2009

Possibly. I believe that you have to let them run out completely every now and then for them to charge properly.

  User-1229748 09:27 27 Nov 2009

according to this site 1.5 to 3 years should be about the life which would tie in with mine when i had my lappy.mine was in my lappy for 2.5 years with charger plugged in constant when lappy was on.(should have bought desktop i know)click here

  donki 09:31 27 Nov 2009

Leaving them constantly puged into the mains certainly reduces the life of them. My first laptop the battery lasted about a year. Now when im on my Mac Book I only have it plugged into the mains when it needs charging.

  Input Overload 12:50 27 Nov 2009

You should flatten them immediately charge a laptop battery at least once a fortnight. Don't leave it flat or the battery can go into deep discharge & may be difficult to charge again.

I always when I can flatten my battery as often as possible, then fully charge doing this will extend the capacity & life of a battery.

  peter99co 15:12 27 Nov 2009

I let mine go down to 10% and then recharge. My original battery was replaced by a larger capacity (twice the orig) and now runs for about 2 hrs. The orig. only lasted 35/40 mins.

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