Laptop Battery Life

  Ricky_Singh 21:59 17 Jul 2006

Hello, I recently purchased a dell insiron laptop. When i fisrt brought it and teh battery was fully charged the Total time remeining was 6hrs. Now when i fully charge it its like 3hrs. I havent added that many programs, just Zonealarm, spybot, adaware. I also dont think i have chaned any battery setting, so can anyone tell me if i should be worried. Note the battery is "Primaryy Battery - 9-cell, 80 Whr Li-ion primary battery" and also i havent got a secondary battery, should i get one?

  Taff™ 07:30 18 Jul 2006

3 Hours is probably about right. The battery monitor is just an indicator of the battery life. When you charge it up fully from new it is not uncommon for it to say something ridiculous. As it calibrates itself it will become more accurate.

It`s rather like filling a car up with petrol, the guauge says full but as you drive it falls steadily and that last quarter tank disappears in about 15 miles!!

Obviously battery life depends on what you do on the computer. If you watch a DVD for example it will drain much quicker than if you`re just doing basic word processing.

  FelixTCat 08:21 18 Jul 2006

Taff is right. It is good practice with laptops to let the battery run down to flat about every 2 - 3 months and recharge. Not only does that give you a check of battery condition but it does refresh the battery.

Normally with a new laptop you should run the battery flat before its first charge.



  Jackcoms 08:57 18 Jul 2006
  Daibus 09:16 18 Jul 2006


  stlucia 13:53 18 Jul 2006

Discharging is not so critical with Li batteries, such as Ricky_Singh's. It was NiCads that used to lose capacity if you didn't completely discharge them from time to time.

Just to expand on Taff's and Felix's replies: The battery indicator tells you that you have x hours of battery life left on the assumption that you will be using power at a certain rate. It initially gives a ridiculous figure because it has no history to tell it what your average rate is, but after a short while it measures your average rate and uses that to calculate the number of hours remaining.

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