Laptop battery

  Dohapaul 11:03 19 Dec 2005

My Sony Viao laptop battery does not hold charge, this has happened after years of misuse (using it with the AC lead in). Before I buy a new battery, is there a way of ensuring the battery needs replacing rather than the laptop not charging properly?

  Big Elf 11:45 19 Dec 2005

I'm not sure but if it's any consolation I've abused my battery on my Vaio in the same way and after 3 years it now holds only about 5 minutes of charge.

  Totally-braindead 12:07 19 Dec 2005

Depending on the type of battery the only thing you could try is to cycle it, flatten the battery totally, recharge to full then flatten it again. Do this about 3 or 4 times, if that fails then a new one would be necessary. Looking on the web the Sonys in common with most laptops I believe use Lithium batteries so this will probably not work but theres no harm in trying it. If you do a google search you will find hundreds of uk companies selling cheaper versions of the Sony battery and its worth looking about.

  pj123 12:24 19 Dec 2005

Just about to say the same as Totally-braindead.

Lithium Ion batteries don't have a "memory" problem so looks like it's "end of life" time.

You could try: click here and see what they have to offer. 13:59 19 Dec 2005

i had the same problem with my laptop, the battery loses its cells because of all the times it gets charged and discharged, i bought a new battery and now its workin great

  Dohapaul 04:45 20 Dec 2005

Thanks everyone for your comments/advice...I guess it's a new battery then!


  wee eddie 08:23 20 Dec 2005

Not really.

You've had a good life out of it.

Many get only a year to 18 months.

  Press Man 09:03 20 Dec 2005


If you are going to get a new battery try click here

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