Laptop Batteries - Sony Vaio PLEASE HELP

  Monitor Master 18:26 01 Apr 2003


I have recently bought a second hand Sony Vaio FX 301. When I received the laptop I turned it on using the battery. Windows said that the laptops battery was 10% charged. After using the laptop for about 5mins the laptop went dead (battery ran out). I then plugged the laptop into the mains. The mains charged the laptop battery from 10% since I plugged it in to about 12% when I was upgrading to windows XP (From Windows ME). I then took out the battery and decided to charge it over night.

I charged it last night. I then powered the laptop up off battery and windows said that I had 97% remaining. I was therefore thought that there was no problem with the battery. I used the laptop generally for about 15-20 minutes this included watching a DVD movie for about 7 minutes I think the windows xp battery monitor said 72%. I then placed the laptop battery on standby by shutting the lid. When opening the lid about 40-45minutes later the windows xp battery monitor said I think 67% remaining. I then used the laptop for another about 2minutes before the laptop turned its self off as if out of power even though it said it had about 65% of the battery life left.

I then recharged the battery as it would not let me turn the laptop back on off the battery. It charged up to 100% without any problems. The next time I used the laptop off battery it booted window xp up in about 1-2 minutes and then turned its self off.

What I really want to know is the laptop charging the laptop properly?
Also what could cause this decrease in lifetime of the battery so quickly?

Thanks a lot Michael

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