Laptop for archaeological dig/ work

  Why wont it work 17:33 02 Mar 2008

I'm off to Rome/ Bay of Naples to do some archaeological research soon and need a laptop as part of my work, just general office work I guess, somewhere to dump pics and data. I have a brand new lapop which I am certainly not willing to take, don't want it to be damaged or stolen (Naples can be dodgy...)

My friend has offered me a 5 yr old Compaq N410c for £50 with the following spec:

Intel Pentium III-m 1.2ghz, 512mb SDRAM, 16mb Radeon Mobility M6, 30gb HDD, XP PRO, wireless, usb 2.0 etc (comes with the drive doc too and a new battery).

Do you think it will be up to the job? Haven't used a Pentium III for so long I can't remember if it will be okay for just a few weeks. Thanks

  wee eddie 17:43 02 Mar 2008

Although with XP Pro, it would seem likely, I'd still double check.

If you could borrow it for a while to see if it can run the Software you need, I can't see where you can go wrong. Not even the most dozy thief from Naples would be likely to "Half-Inch" an antique like that

  wee eddie 17:44 02 Mar 2008

Just noticed the 5th line.

  Pineman100 17:49 02 Mar 2008

Obvious question, I know, but just how much HDD space will you need for your photos and data?

30GB isn't very large.

  Belatucadrus 17:49 02 Mar 2008

The machine should do everything you want, the cpu can handle everything you've listed with ease and the drive should have enough capacity to hold quite a few pics. Thing to watch is the battery, a five year old one may not have much life left and replacing it'll cost more than £50.

  Pineman100 17:51 02 Mar 2008

Sorry - I clicked "post" too soon!

I meant to say that 30GB isn't very large, and XP Pro, plus whatever other software you use, will presumably occupy a fair chunk of it.

  Why wont it work 18:26 02 Mar 2008

I suppose I can always up the hard drive, or use one of my numerous external ones I have gathered over time.

Unusually it does have USB 2.0 ports; I have never come across a Pentium 3 machine with usb 2.0 before (only 1.0 or 1.1) so far as I remember.

So you think it will be okay then? It looks quite rugged and to be honest, it's so old it won't be too much of a concern if bits fall off, or uneeded devices break... Is it worth £50 though? (They seem to sell for more than that on ebay, but I can't be sure). Cost £1200 apparently!!!

  Why wont it work 14:28 07 Apr 2008

thanks guys.

I am currently sat in the baking hot sun just outside the site at Pompeii on good ol' wireless internet. A bit too hot to do any work me thinks!

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