Laptop appears sluggish

  hawthorn59 04:38 04 Jul 2009

Hi Folks

Lately my laptop seems sluggish at times. As I mainly use it online that is where I notice it.

In Task Manager I have 70 processes running; cpu usage jumps from 15% to 60-80% at times. The main culprit seems to be Firefox. And then it says Physical Memory 56%.

I have a habit of leaving a lot of tabs open. And I have Firefox open in 3 different windows at the moment....with over 40 tabs altogether. Is this bad practice..??

If I use programmes to check performance I probably wont know what to stop running, etc. Id be nervous about altering anything Im not sure of.



  birdface 07:00 04 Jul 2009

If you have nothing running system idle process should be showing about 97% this would be normal.If anything else is showing up as using up a lot of the CPU let us know what.
I use I/Explorer and the more pages of that that i have open the more iexplore.exe I have running in task manager.I have my Tabs switched off so do not have your problem.Apart from Firefox is there anything else that is using up a lot of your CPU and have you got the latest version installed.It is the 3.5 version now.
I also have AVG installed and if I had all of those tabs open it would probably be working overtime checking all the different web pages that you have open.

  ambra4 07:05 04 Jul 2009

“I have a habit of leaving a lot of tabs open. And I have Firefox open in 3 different windows at the moment....with over 40 tabs altogether. Is this bad practice..??”


Why do you need to have 3 different windows of Firefox with 40 tabs?

Just use 1 Firefox and close the tabs that is not requited

  mooly 07:13 04 Jul 2009

As it's a laptop (Vista ?) make sure you are not on an aggresive power plan that restricts CPU performance.
40 tabs ? I never normally have more than 2 open.
I've just looked in task manager, and have 73 processes running.

  hawthorn59 10:39 04 Jul 2009

Hi Folks!

Yes I guess it must be my bad practice thats causing the problem!

Why do I need to have them open? Its just laziness I suppose....! I almost use the tabs as bookmarks! They are pages that I visit occasionally, and of course its much handier than searching bookmarks!

Or they are links I open "in a new tab" and plan to check out later, and they build up.

I reckon I'll just have to tidy them up.


  ambra4 19:05 04 Jul 2009

Try using "Smart Bookmarks Bar” addon extension which I use all the time

It adds an Icon of the sites that you visit occasionally on the bookmark toolbar

you can also make the Icons as small as you want in the options

At present my Icons count is 54 and still have space for more if required

This will save you having to search the bookmarks directory and having 40 tabs

Open at the same time

click here

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