Laptop appears to have stopped whilst installing updates

  Barmoor's Kid Sister 10:12 13 Apr 2012

When I went to turn computer off last night it went into installing updates - it has got to 5 of 8 and has not progressed since last night - it wont let me power down - any suggestions welcome

  onthelimit1 11:13 13 Apr 2012

You can power off by holding down the power button. try rebooting afterwards and see what happens then.

  birdface 11:14 13 Apr 2012

If it is set to close down when you close the lid do that.If not looks like you will have to hold the start button down till it switches off.

  Barmoor's Kid Sister 11:28 13 Apr 2012

The Laptop will not power down no matter how long I hold the start button down - I have now disconnected power and am waiting for battery to run down Any other ideas welcome

  onthelimit1 11:35 13 Apr 2012

Just remove the battery, then replace it.

  iscanut 11:57 13 Apr 2012

Are you holding down the start button on the laptop rather than the Windows start icon ? May be a silly question but might be the case !

  Barmoor's Kid Sister 17:29 13 Apr 2012

Complete Power down and as it resumed windows turned it off using laptop start button - did that three times and it eventually started windows correctly, i then restarted and it completed all updates within 3 mins. Thankyou all for your support today

Barmoor's Kid Sister

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