Laptop appears dead

  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 08:35 18 Oct 2008

When I turn on my laptop the power/fan goes on and the CD light flashes for a sec. then all goes quiet. Blank screen, no disc activity, F2 does not work. I know it has stopped there because I have it on the network and it does not appear on another PC's network list.

Any ideas what to do next to find out what's wrong?

  FatboySlim71 09:16 18 Oct 2008

When you initially switch it on and the fans etc are on, do you have anything shown on screen at any point at all?

Could it be possible that you have knocked your laptop, and possible unseated the hard drive?

It might be worth removing one of the access covers that are underneath your laptop and giving the hard drive a push and a wiggle to make sure it is fully inserted.

You could possible have 3 or more access covers underneath your laptop, one will be where the Ram is located, the other could be an expansion panel and the other should have the hard drive.

  MarvintheAndroid 10:24 18 Oct 2008

Try removing the battery and unplug the power, leave it for a few minutes, then re-fit the battery, plug in and switch on.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 18 Oct 2008

1. Turn off the computer,
2. Take the battery out
3. Take out the power supply
4. Push the power button down for 30 seconds.
5. Reconnect power supply
6. Reboot without the battery

OK I've completely removed the battery and will work with that for now. If the problem reappears I will sreport back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:43 18 Oct 2008

f its OK without thw battery then oe of the cells in the battery pack has gone and the battery is overloading the power supply.

Time for a new battery I'm afraid.

  birdface 16:47 18 Oct 2008

Looks like your battery may be on the way out.Does it not Fully charge.

I have removed the battery, no change. It starts sometimes so if I try enough times I can get in. I have removed the RAM and hard drive and replaced them.

I did have the CD as 1st boot device, then when I press the power button the CD light flashes and then it stops. If I put a boot disc in the CD drive starts and thats all - no screen display.

When it IS going to start immediately after the CD drive light flashing all the other lights (various padlock symbols) flash for 250ms then the C: drive light goes.

If it is NOT going to start only the CD light flashes and then it freezes - no screen display at all. I think the drive does revlove as in this case it do here it operate for a second but it's light does not show.

Now I've changed the 1st boot device to C: and the 2nd CD. Now it has the same behaviour so that hasn't helped. PS the power light always comes on so I am not suspecting the power supply.

It is connected to the network so is there a way of peeking from the outside in this state?

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