Laptop advice please

  User-178B1969-F959-4061-B903850C8633FA6E 09:03 09 Dec 2005

I want to buy a laptop for someone who needs to use office powerpoint etc.
The laptop should be portable and good size screen.
(I was thinking of secondhand, but unsure if thats a good choice.)
Can anyone recommend a make, the sort of power I need and rough cost I should be looking for together with what processor I should look for.
There may be graphics involved to.
The main thing is that the laptop is able to cope well with the work load.
Many thanks for advice.

  anchor 09:35 09 Dec 2005

Personally I would not recommend second hand, or you could soon be faced with the need to replace the battery; (expensive!). This is very often the first thing to deteriorate.

Could you give some idea of you budget, and if you intend playing games.

Hi anchor and thank you for that. Definetly new then.
Would not use for games. Purely work. As far as I know I need to use powerpoint, office and maybe graphics. I suppose around £500 mark. Been told that pentium is best altho celeron whatever that is, would be about the price I want to pay. Woolworth have a deal on but not sure about the product or after sales. Any further advice please.

  Al94 11:02 09 Dec 2005

Go for a Dell Inspiron, look here for latest offers click here

  Mytob 14:02 09 Dec 2005

id just like to say stay away from dell as iv had loads of problems with there stuff in the past. true it is mainly the older things but they tend to do thing with there pcs and laptops which prevent you from using anything apart from windows and tend to bundle rubbish on the setup discs. does it have to be portable in the end? id save your money and get a pc if u can as you can get the same spec as a laptop for a hell of a lot less. id also like to point out that the screens are very easy to break on laptops and well if you do break it you can chuck it in the bin for the cost of reparing it. second hand ones would do you fine apart form the potential of a dodgy battery as explained above. if you can get one minus windows as this will save you a shead load. id presonaly install some linux of on it like suse if it is nly being used for word processing as linux with open office cand provide all that you require and save you about 300 in the process as linux is free. if you do decide to go with open office you will never have to by another copy of office again sa you just download a more up to date version of openoffice when a new office standard apears. i use open office and highly recomend it.

Suse Linx click here - very easy to use linux os
Open Office click here - m$ offices free rival (available on windows linux and mac!)

  wee eddie 17:08 09 Dec 2005

Where will the Software be coming from?

If you have a Students in the house, M$ Office can be bought for £85,

  anchor 15:15 11 Dec 2005

A recommendation from a recent review in another PC magazine for you to consider is their "best buy" in the budget notebook section. This is the Evesham Quest A220.

Their best "budget buy" was the HP Compaq nx6110.

click here

On both models you should consider upgrading the RAM to 512Mb.

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