laptop advice- away for a YEAR

  Joanna1984 18:25 28 Jan 2014

Hello, Could anyone advise which laptop I should get? I am going to live in Tanzania for a year and will travelling a bit for work so I want something reliable with:

  1. Good Battery life
  2. Reasonable memory (+125GB)
  3. Relatively light weight

Ideally it wouldn't be huge. My budget is flexible if I can get something I really think is reliable and I have no view on laptop vs netbook subject to fulfilling criteria. That said, I don't want it to be so expensive I worry about it being stolen. I won't be gaming and will mostly use it for work (spreadies and e-mail) but would like a bit of music and some photos.

I would be so so grateful for any advice.

Many thanks,


  wee eddie 18:57 28 Jan 2014

I would go for a 4 year old Mac and an External Hard Drive, that you can use as an almost continuous backup, for when it is stolen. The right small Hard Drive can live, more or less, in your pocket and need not set you back much more than £50.

The older and more distressed the machine, the less desirable and resalable it becomes, the older Macs are good swift machines with quite reasonable Battery life and low weight.

My niece, who travels regularly to the wilder parts of this earth, tells me that Baggage Handling at the smaller Airports are particularly dangerous for separating you from your trusty Lappy

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