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  sawdox 13:49 02 Dec 2008

I'm looking to buy a new laptop and I'm torn between these 2 so far.
click here


click here=

Can anyone tell me the main difference - is it the processing speed? Will this make much difference?
Or do you know of any similar ones for roughly same price which are better value?
Any advice is appreciated cos I'm a complete novice!

  cream. 14:02 02 Dec 2008

The acer with 4Gb of memory but just running basic !!

the advent runs home premium but just has 2Gb!!

If you want a basic operating system get the acer, though my last one the hinges broke :-(

The advent has the better operating system but is lower on memory and but better hard drive space.

  sawdox 14:11 02 Dec 2008

thanks cream. I reckon I'm still confused tho!!
The laptop I have now takes about 10mins to boot up and runs out of battery in an hour!
I use it for general office work,surfing, but also watching iplayer and dvds and playing games. Does that info influence your advice?

  Rahere 14:20 02 Dec 2008

add memory to the advent could that be the solution?

  sawdox 14:54 02 Dec 2008

How does this one compare then?

click here


  Rahere 15:06 02 Dec 2008

Yes there's a very wide choice of laptops out there - This is the best way I know of making sure you get something you like and will enjoy using:

First decide what you intend to use the pc for, then try out a few laptops in a shop like PC world where you can assess the keyboard layout, screen quality and relative speeds of operation - then check/note the spec - ram, disc size, number of USB sockets, graphics.

  sawdox 15:09 02 Dec 2008


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