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  mousee 14:53 13 May 2008

I'm looking for an inexpensive laptop for my 8 year old autistic son to use, it doesn't have to be all singing and dancing, just be useful for 3-4 years without it being deemed out of date and having to have a lot of money spent on it to keep it going. Curry's/Dixons have a Toshiba L350-10L on their website for £399, 17"screen, 2gb ram, the spec doesn't seem too bad but, is it worth it and does anyone have one that can give me advice or is there something better specced for the money out there?

I don't want to spend a lot on it for two reasons.

A. my son can be clumsy at times and can be a bit careless. (not his fault)

B. I've been off work for 10 weeks (and counting) therefore I'm not the richest man in the world.

Any advice or suggestions would be brilliant.

  recap 15:36 13 May 2008

Hi mousee, a learner came in to the class last week with the Toshiba you mention and it certainly looks a good buy. You could buy an external keyboard for your son. If he has difficulty in hitting the normal keys there are keyboards with larger keys you could purchase click here for what is available.

  Joe R 16:56 13 May 2008


a little cheaper. click here

  wis 20:12 14 May 2008

does it have to be lap top

  mousee 21:54 14 May 2008

Yes it needs to be a laptop so it can be used on holiday and he can take it to his grandma's and use it there, other wise I would have gone for another desktop.


  wis 22:14 14 May 2008

ok the reason i posted my brother in same situation, got desent lap but got dropped so many

  mousee 19:31 18 May 2008

I've been to PCWorld, Curry's and Comet today
for a quick look at what they had. PCWorld had the Toshiba L350-10L available for £399 with the Pentium Dual Core T2370 processor and Comet had more or less the same machine (sat L350D-12M) but with the Athlon64X2 dual core TK57, is there really any difference and if so which one would be regarded as the better of the two.
While I was in PCWorld I bumped into a girl that worked there that I hadn't seen for a couple of years and she worked with me a while ago, I asked her what she personally would have and she told me the L350-10L was excellent value for the money.
It looks like I'm going to have to go down the VIsta route though.

  dnlabraham 07:19 19 May 2008

Friends, I am in search of a good laptop for my personal use.
I posted this question in some previous forums also; in the reply I got several laptop review pages. Still not getting a clear input from any of them. Can any body help me out in these regards?
Well let me be clear,
1. I needed a reliable branded laptop
2. My affordable price is nearly $875, a little up and down is not a issue also
3. I usually runs various tools like IBP, Webceo and other online tools, works in minimum of 5 to 10 tabs in mozila and other applications for entertainment like downloading videos, games, listening to music etc. So speed of processor and Ram and other devices need to be compatible for that
core 2 duo processor 1.4Ghz or above
1 GB ram or above
web cam……..
140 GB harddisk or more
good quality graphics and sound

this is the overall idea that I know I don’t have any idea about other devices

  ddisoja 11:29 20 May 2008

You can tell more about you laptop and why you are crazy about it. Participate in the contest click here

  sean-278262 14:22 20 May 2008

You are obviously coming from the Americas, my advice is to start your own thread and post your requirements. However this being a UK based forum we wont be able to offer a lot of help.

mousee - as for your question, have a look in toys r us, they have a number of different models on sale quite cheaply. At the end of the day any laptop being used for internet and the like will be current in 3 or 4 years for browsing the web as little changes in terms of the power needed to run a browser. Similarly with office apps and the like.

Tesco often offer end of line laptops and computers heavily discounted so keep an eye out in the stores near you for old machines going cheap.

My final suggestion would be to try considering ebay and buying an old toughbook

click here
Obviously you wont have a warranty but some of these models have been tested to the extreme and can take the battering that almost any life will throw at it.

click here=
youtube link

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