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  MikeChello 17:16 09 Jul 2006

I'm off to university in september, and im looking for a laptop around about £800-1000 ish.

I am looking for a dual processor, prefrably with half decent audio. a multimedia described laptop would be ideal.

i would also ask what brand to go for? i have read a few poor reviews about sony, particularly the vaio range, therefore i would need some convincing with a sony.

here is a list of things i will use the laptop for

1. Music and downloading music.
2. Word processing and university work
3.possibly to be used as a television? (advice on this too? )
4. Msn messanger
5. digital photography uses
6. Watching DVDs

hopefully you can help! many thanks.

  Belatucadrus 17:31 09 Jul 2006
  skidzy 17:45 09 Jul 2006

Personally Mike i do not think you need to spend that much (£800-£1000) to do what you have stated..sorry cannot help on the tv side.Ive recently bought this and very impressed with it. click here
I bought the 2nd from the left,upgraded to dvd rewriter and a gig of ram at the time of purchase plus a recovery disc and xp disc.This cost me around £650.00 and found out that you can haggle with Dell from some info on PCA,this helped me get a cheaper deal.I know this Laptop does not have a tv card,but this is something you could add via usb external device cheaply found on Ebay ..such as click here
Hope this helps

  sean-278262 23:04 09 Jul 2006

1. Music and downloading music.
Anything will do this best to use external speakers.
2. Word processing and university work
Again no problems here for anything but a computing course really.
3.possibly to be used as a television? (advice on this too? )
Best to get one that does the coding itself I have one and the processer does all the work. Basically your computer becomes a tv and is no good even for using word.
4. Msn messanger
See 1 and 2 above
5. digital photography uses
Most anything will run the apps you require here in your budget.
6. Watching DVDs
See 1 and 2 again.

As for what you want well I would personally as ever go for the AMD variety of 64bitters. Look for a minimum of 512mb of ram, and of course get all the hard drive you can if your getting a tuner card you will be saving to the drive and at about 1gb an hour (usually less) it does fill it fast.

The biggest decision you have is screen size. However I managed to sort this myself the easy way. Cheaper laptop with smaller screen 15.4inch widescreen. And teamed this with a monitor using the graphics card on the laptop this enables you to use everything to the best way possible. 17inch laptops are usually about 4.5+kg mine is about 3 for a 15.4 and 14 is just under 3kg (usually) so size does matter. I would suggest a 15inch or 15.4 widescreen machine it is the best compromise. Bigger screens eat more battery.

Make sure to get one with at least 3 hours of life. Lectures and then any after lecture sessions will be a pain otherwise as you will need to seek a power point.

I got myself an acer aspire 3023wlmi (not what you are after exactly but in Jan it was £640 so you can get a lot for your money.

Graphics cards as you never mentioned anything really intense for them internal ones will do, if you do play anything remotely more intense than solitare then make sure to get something such as a Mobility Radeon x300 with no less than 128mb of dedicated ram, dont share system memory unless you have to.

As for sony machines. Overprices and underspec'd.

Acer do amazing deals click here
Time do some good deals but all cards share GFX ram click here
click here good prices and where I got mine so recommended.

Hope that helps you out. Anything else feel free to ask.

  sean-278262 23:15 09 Jul 2006

click here sorry got the last link wrong.

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