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  flyingbrit 16:37 31 Oct 2005

A friend of mine asked me if it was possible to get a laptop with satnav GPS system,T.V.card,wireless reversing camera and internet ready to use in his new mobile home. I had to admit to him that I had no idea!!!!however I said I thought I might know a few people that do.(to anyone reading this that's you!!!!)Am I right?....any help would be appreciated......

  Chegs ® 16:57 31 Oct 2005

The simple answers yes,but not all as one package.Laptop with TV card,would probably require PCMCIA version(unless you buy a mega expensive laptop)Same goes for internet,mobile devices are expensive to use.

Satnav/GPS/Reversing camera would need a garage accessory place to provide/install into vehicle(or if buying new mobile home,specify from options list)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:14 31 Oct 2005

Laptops come internet ready with XP and you can easily get one with built in wireless fitted.

An external TV card can easily be purchased click here

Autoroute 20005 comes with gps and satnav option just requires a GPS "mouse" click here

Not sure what you mean by reversing camera for laptop

  flyingbrit 18:19 31 Oct 2005

Thanks for all that,and Fruit Bat I think what he means by a reversing camera is something like a wireless wab cam type of thing so he can see where the back of his 22ft motor home is when parking up ect.(I would have put manoeuver but I can't spell it!)

  flyingbrit 18:25 31 Oct 2005

and that GPS system.....can you get them for other countries?(ie not just USA)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 31 Oct 2005

GPS UK click here

I don't think web cams update fast enough to be used as a reversing camera

  Chegs ® 19:10 31 Oct 2005

I have a wireless video camera,its tiny size would make it ideal for a reversing camera.Only thing wrong with using it incar is the need of a TV/Monitor with S-Video inputs.I haven't seen one that would be suitable,but I haven't ever looked for one as I dont need it for this.

It certainly updates quick enough to use as a reversing camera.

I have toyed with "borrowing" one off a truck to tinker with,only I left my last job(truck driver)before I'd worked out howto remove it without damage,so I could return it a few days later. ;-)

  flyingbrit 20:02 31 Oct 2005

To be honest I reckon he's over estimating what you can do on one laptop, but who am I to say!!!!What do you guys think?

  Chegs ® 20:10 31 Oct 2005

It all come's down to laptop specs.I have a laptop,its 233Mhz CPU/92Mbs RAM is stressed just running 98se and a few basic apps,takes 25mins to load a "live" linux distro,then promptly crashes as soon as you move the mouse.

If he's got a reasonably well equipped laptop, with decent graphics ability, then there's no problems asking it to do all he requires.The TV's likely to have a crap picture,PC's dont make good TV's(even high spec ones)

  flyingbrit 11:13 01 Nov 2005

thanks to everyone who responded to this thread....I think I'll print this lot off and tell him to think again.......britsdad

  flyingbrit 11:14 01 Nov 2005


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