Laptop AC/.DC Charger/Adapters repair/replace

  six-h 00:16 20 Nov 2009

Anyone know about Laptop power bricks?
Not a DIY Job 'cos it's totally sealed, but could a repair shop crack it?
Alternatively, sources for new ones ...Cheap but good?
This one is, correction WAS an EDACPOWER ELEC model EA 10953 input 100-240v 2.5A 50/60Hz
Output 18-24vDC 4.75A 90W Max.
(it needs 90W because the CPU is a Celeron 2GHz desktop model)
More expense I could do without at this time of the year!! :o(

  six-h 01:36 20 Nov 2009

Could this be a suitable replacement? click here I think this ebay item is the same unit, and it gives a bit more more tech spec click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 20 Nov 2009
  six-h 17:35 20 Nov 2009

Fruit Bat /\0/\ Thanks for that, I was initially impressed by the price, but soon changed my mind when I saw the customer reviews!!
Out of 12 reviews only 2 were positive!
Notice my first link can't be used, here are the details [IMG]click here[/IMG][IMG]click here[/IMG]seems to tick all the boxes, but I'm not sufficiently technically aware to evaluate it properly.
I notice from the other link it's imput requirements are 100/240vAC @ 1.5A
whilst mine lists imput as 100/240vAC @ 2.5A
does this impinge on the output figures?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 20 Nov 2009
  EARLR 18:21 20 Nov 2009

I have a "MANHATTAN" power adapter. 20 output levels 70W.
It was a little expensive (50 Eu.)
I wouldn't Plug anything in to a laptop with a sliding output switch.
This one has individual plug-in output regulators.


  six-h 18:37 20 Nov 2009

like others this one only produces 19v.
My lappy needs 20v @ 4.5A & 90 Watts.
Don't know if the difference between 19v output and my lappy needing 20v would cause any problems.

  mooly 19:48 20 Nov 2009

Shouldn't be any issue with 19 vs 20 volts

Also look at,
click here

which goes up to 24 v

and the smaller

click here

  six-h 22:37 20 Nov 2009

Thanks mooly, Interesting!
Can anyone tell me what the Graphic means which is on the Laptop case under the DC in socket, and also on the labels on both the laptop and the power unit.
I suspect it denotes the polarity, but it conveys nothing to me!
This is a picture of the adaptor plug and my sketch of the mistery graphic [IMG]click here[/IMG]

  mooly 07:36 21 Nov 2009

It means direct current :)

Polarity is like this and VITALLY important,
click here

  six-h 12:15 21 Nov 2009

Thanks mooly, it's the vital bit that's missing then! lol
Nowhere on the units or in the manual does it give the polarity of the pesky plug!

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