jaygice 16:35 05 Jul 2003

hi i have a second hand laptop a toshiba 8000 is there any pos of connecting a tower with dvd and cd-rw drives to it or is it better to just get a new desktop cheers

  y_not 16:42 05 Jul 2003

Fit a network card into the tower (cast about a tenner) and buy a "Cross-over" cable.

Install the network card drivers and the two should be able to see each other - not sure about writing over the network cable - I'd drag'n'drop the files to be written.

  jaygice 17:00 05 Jul 2003

not sure i know what u mean y_not i have not got a tower yet but going to get one next week any help would be great

  Magik ®© 17:16 05 Jul 2003

you could always get a seperate dvd/cd writer, be a lot cheaper

  jaygice 21:49 05 Jul 2003

i have a cd writer already i also have a printer and a dsl modem all usb i was thinking of getting a seperate dvd drive the prob with this how can i connect all this to my laptop i did have a usb hub 7 port with stand alone power but my laptop keeps crashing due to the modem taking to much power advise please if this could be sorted out i will just buy a external dvd

  Qmar 00:29 06 Jul 2003

..use a hub with power supply built in.

  Magik ®© 09:29 06 Jul 2003

are we saying that with just the modem connected to the laptop it keeps crashing? if that is not the case, then as stated above get a powered USB hub, i have two belkin powered hubs nailed togteher giving 8 outlets, and it works well,

  jaygice 10:37 06 Jul 2003

no with the modem just connected it is fine if i connect something else as well it just crashes the modem and i have to unplug it what are these hubs with built in power are thay any good and where from or any other ideas wellcome

  Magik ®© 11:24 06 Jul 2003

you can not really get any better than Belkin,as from where, maplins, PC w**** :-(, or over the net. I have plugged into my two, two scanners, printer, zip drive,adsl modem, usb network adapter,webcam, digital camera uploader, mouse.

  jaygice 22:35 06 Jul 2003

right thay sound good magik what are thay called properly and whats the sort of price i should be paying cheers mate

  jaygice 12:17 10 Jul 2003

can anyone else tell me what sort of price

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