a laptop for a 75 year old

  redandy 15:41 16 Mar 2008

My mum wants to get on the net and would like a laptop.She will mostly use it for surfing and listening to the radio her only must have is an in-built web-cam.Any ideas?Thanks in advance.

  STREETWORK 16:13 16 Mar 2008

I did this for my Mum just before christmas. Got her a sony from PC world at £499. Some do have built in webcam but they are cheap enough for a stand alone one and easy to install.

Radio comes with the Vista Gadgets, i am listening to Radio 2 at this time.

  redandy 16:24 16 Mar 2008

Thanks Streetwork,but someone has put her off pcworld or I would have gone there.

  ambra4 16:44 16 Mar 2008

Have you mum ever used a computer before?

Using a laptop for some one her age can be very confusing and stressful; the display

resolution, icons and text can be very small.

Keyboard keys on a laptop have multi functions so knowing how and when to use the FN

(function) key can be confusing

I take it that she will be using the web cam to talk to all her friend and family world wide via Skype etc.

And not popping down to the local hotspots to check her email and chat

I would also suggest you get Windows XP Installed not Vista

As you will be spending more time on the computer than your mum if Vista is installed

It would be best if you get your mum a desktop, bigger keyboard with a 19” LCD

standard monitor a stand alone web cam and a cheap printer plus a set of speakers

  redandy 17:30 16 Mar 2008

thanks ambra,that is omething I will take up with her

  Pine Man 19:04 16 Mar 2008

I support what ambra4 says about a desktop rather than a PC for someone who is getting on in years -much more user friendly.

BUT if your mum is new to computing I would certainly stick with Vista as long as it has sufficient memory. Much, much safer for a new user and a lot more stable on a new PC with a new installation.

  redandy 19:28 16 Mar 2008

thanks pineman all we have to do now is find a model that will suit her curtains.

  exdragon 20:05 16 Mar 2008

lol! I take it they aren't a fetching shade of...err..grey?

  STREETWORK 20:23 16 Mar 2008

I would agree that a PC is more user friendly than a laptop, but if a person has never used either before then would this matter, its all a learning curve after all. My Mum is now 76 and has been surfing for nearly 6 months. so far she has booked holidays, done her shopping, video called my brother in Canada (several times a week). I would not be fazed by age, but it would also be worth going to the senior citezens open workshops that provide good quality training for those new to surfing. Also remember that its worth going to the local PC store and letting her have a play...

  oldbeefer2 13:10 17 Mar 2008

If she's new to computing, lots of colleges run courses for the more senior of our citizens. Neighbours of mine went and found it very helpful.

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