Laptop for a 7 year old?

  littlempc 10:12 08 Dec 2009

Hello - my 7 old year daughter would like a laptop for Christmas - a pink one preferably! I think she may be a bit too young for an actual laptop and was thinking of getting a Barbie one or a VTECH learning laptop. Are these too gimmicky and would I be better off buying a netbook?

  birdface 10:48 08 Dec 2009

Get her a Barbie one and she will probably throw a tantrum.
Even young kids at that age learn to use computers at school and will probably know how to use a computer for games Etc.
It is when they get a bit older and want to use Messenger programs that the problems normally start.
Probably a lot of her friends will probably have one or maybe getting one for Xmas.
They are never to young to learn and it will probably also help with her schoolwork.
As long as you are there to watch over her and make sure she does not spend to much time on it I think it would be Ok.
Remember laptops are better used on hard surfaces like a table.
Some use them when lying in bed which can be dangerous as they overheat and can go on fire.
Anyhow best of luck it is your decision on whether you think she is to young or not.
If you go for one just type Pink laptop into the search bar and it will come up with the company's that make them.

  User-1229748 11:28 08 Dec 2009

agree with buteman,kids grow up so quickly these days,my little niece was on the pc the other day and i couldn't believe how quick she could type.again though it is your choice,hope you and your family have a nice christmas :o) plenty of pink laptops about.

  Woolwell 13:00 08 Dec 2009

A lot depends on what she will use it for. A netbook is primarily for the net and e-mails. Most do not have a DVD/CD drive and the screen is small. If she wants to play DVD's/music then have a look at a laptop instead.

  chub_tor 17:28 08 Dec 2009

Sad to say but my 24 year old granddaughter is still in the pink phase and yes she does have a pink netbook, a desktop with a pink keyboard and a pink mouse.... Good selection of pink netbooks here click here

  wee eddie 02:12 09 Dec 2009

I have a 'terracotta' shirt!

  littlempc 09:34 09 Dec 2009

Thank you for all your postings - a pink netbook it is!

  bremner 10:34 09 Dec 2009

Don't you realise you are perpetuating a stereotype that will scar your child for life ;o)

click here

These people really need to get a life and as for the MP.

  Proclaimer 09:40 10 Dec 2009

my first 'laptop' was an 'Etch-A'Scetch'...

  Chris the Ancient 16:45 10 Dec 2009

I can beat that!

My first 'laptop' was a slate and pencil.

Any stone and chisel users out there?

CtA ;-))

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