User-1329442 14:48 22 Jan 2009

i need to buy a laptop for when i start an online degree but i dont understand anything at all about laptops. What am i even looking for and does anyone have any good suggestions for around £500? Thanks for any help

  tullie 18:30 22 Jan 2009

Depends exactly what you will be doing with it.If you are just using it for course then a bog standard laptop will do,£300 ish.

  pcmags 15:54 23 Jan 2009

Staples & PCWorld are doing good offers.
For £500 you can get a decent Laptop.
Check that the course allows users of Vista.

  Pineman100 16:47 23 Jan 2009

As tullie said, you may not need to spend that much. Tell us what you'll be using the laptop for.

  oldbeefer2 16:49 23 Jan 2009

If that's all you want to use it for, I don't think you need to spend over £400, and probably less.

  Ankermi31 17:42 24 Jan 2009

Get a NUS card before you buy. You can get quite good discounts at Staples and also Amazon.

If you are having to submit material on line make sure your software is acceptable to the receiving end.

The open university for example have problems when it comes to new Microsoft Office and Works.


  User-1329442 09:26 28 Jan 2009

i will be using it for an open uni course, i dont know even what make to go for, normally i buy sony stuff but i just dont know! im useless at all the technical words

  wee eddie 12:20 28 Jan 2009

Those that were asking, what you were going to do with it, were asking about the nature of the Course.

Could it be Graphics orientated, or will it be mainly On-line Research and Writing and/or Maths.

  User-1329442 17:26 28 Jan 2009

oh i see business studies

  Forum Editor 18:21 28 Jan 2009

click here

It will be capable of handling all your work and more.

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