thetic 00:57 15 Nov 2008

Hi guys I'm looking for a pink laptop for my 15yr old daughter. The main thing she uses her desktop is Bebo and teenage stuff so i don't want to spend an arm and a leg just for that.I'm don't no much about laptops I'm afraid so any help would grateful Thanks.

  Joe R 01:03 15 Nov 2008

if only for surfing etc, click here

  thetic 01:11 15 Nov 2008

Cheers Joe forgot to say its got to be 15,4 size of screen.

  Joe R 01:27 15 Nov 2008

Inspiron 1525, available in pink. click here

  thetic 12:41 15 Nov 2008

Thanks again Joe i built one on the dell site(you no what i mean)and it still comes in at £400.I was looking for something a bit cheaper.Mainly because of what shes going to be using it for.I thought i would pay maybe £300 but i thought wrong :¬( Once again thanks for your help cheers.

  The Brigadier 13:49 15 Nov 2008
  thetic 14:23 15 Nov 2008

Cheers Brigadier for that Ive bookmarked it and i will have a look later.

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