Laptop for a 14 year old

  SB23 16:15 13 Sep 2006

My wife has come home from work with a question about laptops.
A friend of hers wants to purchase her daughter a laptop for school work, internet, and other general use, but the price cannot be too much.
She has seen them (Acer) for about £379, but was wondering if you can get anything cheaper.
Not owning one yet, and absolutely no idea, does any of you have any ideas.

Thanks in advance


  Radix Lecti 16:53 13 Sep 2006

I'd have a look at the hotukdeals site (click here).

I saw some this morning cheaper than that.

At that price, there won't be much zombie killing going though, but if it's just schooling and internet/email, then go for it.

  skidzy 16:59 13 Sep 2006

click here just an idea for you.

And click here

Dell would be my choice

Hope this helps

  patsyanne 17:03 13 Sep 2006

Woolworths are doing laptops for half price,£399 and every now and again Tesco does a Acer laptop for £299, i dont know what either are like.

  silverous 17:12 13 Sep 2006

You can't get much better value than Acer for laptops around this price point. You might find the odd bargain. Have they considered second hand? An ebay bargain?

  skidzy 17:12 13 Sep 2006

Good point about tesco's,my friend was talking about them recently and they had very good system spec for the money.Biggest problem was finding a store that had them in stock :-))
If someone can track one of the Tesco's Acer laptop near to SB23,im sure they would get a good deal.

Just what SB23 wife's friends daughter could do with.

  SB23 18:04 13 Sep 2006

Had thought about Tesco's, we've got one just down the road, but I've never seen laptops there. Failing that, Tesco's in Newport may have a range as they are a bigger store.
So would I be fair in saying that for between £300 - £400 would get a decent machine, well enough for homework and internet use?

  SB23 18:08 13 Sep 2006

I'll tell you one thing, from the links that you all have given me, and at these prices, I could get one for myself.

  Totally-braindead 18:18 13 Sep 2006

For the price of £300-400 you can get a laptop that will do almost anything, except play games. From what you've said this is not a priority so any of the laptops that have been mentioned will do you nicely. Also have a look at click here they do some good deals but do read the descriptions as some are refurbished and some are new.

  SB23 18:30 13 Sep 2006

Thanks to all.
I've copied down what I think will be of interest to her, (all of it to give her a choice).
I'm sure it'll keep her busy.

Thanks again.


  patsyanne 18:46 13 Sep 2006

have a look at Tesco direct on the web ,they had a Acer for £349 the other day . One of the above links i clicked on above had a cheap laptop, but it wasnt loaded with Windows xp .

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