Lapto running very slow

  nate54216 15:13 12 Oct 2006

I have a dell latitude CPI and it quite old and only has a very small hardrive (about 2GB) the whole things runs really slow and was wondering if anyone has any ideas of what I can do to speed it up, are there any programmes available to download? or any settings I can change?

  sean-278262 15:22 12 Oct 2006

Reinstall windows on it afresh and consider removing unused apps like windows media player and what not and replacing commonly used ones with things that use less resources.

What OS does the system use? You never said so we cant really tailor to your needs without that.

  nate54216 15:26 12 Oct 2006

sorry, the OS is Windows XP home edition, thanks for your help

  sean-278262 15:27 12 Oct 2006

click here

follow that guide. I found on my much more new machines that it tends to add something to the speed. However the CPI is aging to say the least.

  nate54216 15:33 12 Oct 2006

Excellent, Ill try it out, thanks for your help. The cpi is the oldest machine I own but I still find it really good when it works properly.

  sean-278262 15:35 12 Oct 2006

I wouldnt argue to that point. Older machines can often be quite useful as back ups or simple web browsers when working on things that run the risk of you getting infected with alsorts of nasties.


  Belatucadrus 15:37 12 Oct 2006

The most drastic software fix, would be a complete reformat and reinstall. Time consuming and a bit daunting first time, but usually very good at getting a PC to work as it did in its youth.
If you don't want to go that far try CCleaner click here Running both the cleaner and issues options.
There are also a couple of free general maintenance-boosters that may be worth a try click here Advanced Windows Care or click here Speeditup Extreme.
If you're willing to spend a bit of cash, then head to Crucial memory click here and see about boosting the RAM.

  nate54216 15:38 12 Oct 2006

I completely agree, Im planning on using the CPI soley for micrsoft office work so its fits a treat

  nate54216 15:40 12 Oct 2006

Many thanks Belatucadrus for your help Ill try the links, because its such an old laptop I dont really wanna spend moeny on it but maybe it'll be a good investment for a back up machine

  sean-278262 15:45 12 Oct 2006

Have you considered looking around for some more Ram for it? I have seen people just giving it away and local bring centres run by councils often have the stuff available and if you can take things they will happily let you otherwise it costs them to dispose of it.

  nate54216 16:03 12 Oct 2006

Thanks creature of the night, I'll look into that too, sounds very interesting, thanks for all your help

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