Lap top won't work!

  SimonCunliffe 13:25 25 Aug 2003


I have a Hi-Grade M6400 laptop as recommended by PC Advisor.

I've had it for around 18 months and last Sunday it packed up. Below is what happens when I turn it on:

Turn computer on
No Screen
Fan works
Nothing else
When turned off screen flashes

I have since tried the following:

Tried new hard drive
Tried external monitor

Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone experienced anything similar?

All suggestions welcome...


  harry_b 13:36 25 Aug 2003

If the laptop has any warranty then return it for repair, failing that then your options with laptops are very limited, try different ram, remove all devices such as floppy, cd, hard drive and memory, one at a time, testing each time, if the system doesnt give you a post error then your mb or cpu are likely to have failed.

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