Lap Top will only open in Safe Mode

  LaneFarmHouse 22:36 03 Feb 2009

I have Windows XP Pro on my Fujitsu Siemens Laptop. Laptop will only boot up in safe mode. I have reformatted the hard disc and reinstalled windows plus the laptop drivers but still have the same problem. I have also defragmented and run chkdsk. I have not yet reloaded any other programmes or anti virus software. I would be most grateful for any help or ideas. With many thanks.

  MAJ 23:49 03 Feb 2009

it sounds as though maybe the BIOS settings are incorrect, go into the BIOS and select the option to load default settings.

Is this a new laptop?

  LaneFarmHouse 08:41 04 Feb 2009

Laptop is 5 years old. Sorry about my ignorance but how do I get into the BIOS? Your help much appreciated. Thank you.

  MAJ 09:23 04 Feb 2009

It should tell you on the startup screen how to enter the abios, it will read somethink like:

1.Press Delete to enter Setup, or,
2.Press F2 to enter Setup, or,
3.Press F4 to enter Setup, or,
4.Some other key.

Tell us the exact model of your Fujitsu Siemens Laptop and we might be able to be more specific if you can't see the option on the very first startup screen.

Also, Fujitsu Siemens might call the option to load default settings "Load Fail-Safe Settings".

When in the BIOS, DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE. When you have choosen the option to load the default settings, save the changes and exit the BIOS. That is usually done by pressing the F10 key on your keyboard and pressing the Return key.

When in the BIOS your mouse will not operate, use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to navigate around, using the Return key to activate your choice.

  MAJ 09:27 04 Feb 2009

Another thing to consider is that as your laptop is five years old, the CMOS/BIOS battery (not your laptop's ordinary battery) might be running down. When that happens you might notice that when you turn your laptop on, after if has been off for a few hours, the clock has lost time. Is that happening?

  LaneFarmHouse 09:45 04 Feb 2009

Laptop is Amilo Pro V2000, Intel (R) M processor 1500MHz with 504MB of RAM. Have been into the BIOS settings as you suggest and there is no option to reset to default or anything similar. I have now removed SP2 and it seems to boot ok but after 3 or 4 mins the machine crashes and goes back into the reboot cycle. Do you think there could be a problem with the mother board rather than the soft/firmware? ALso the time keeping is fine so I do not think it is the CMOS Battery.

Many thanks.

  MAJ 10:06 04 Feb 2009

I have just checked the manual for your laptop click here and it does show an option to "Load Setup Default and click Yes", page 51 and 52.

The problem could also be caused by a corrupt driver (did you install anything lately), or a faulty piece of hardware, try using only one memory module if you have two modules installed.

  LaneFarmHouse 10:56 04 Feb 2009

Thank you so much for your help and advice. So far so good. It has not crashed and I am reinstalling SP2. I will let you know when it has been running for longer if all is well. Your help much appreciated.

  MAJ 11:01 04 Feb 2009

You found the Load Setup Default option then, LaneFarmHouse?

  LaneFarmHouse 11:36 04 Feb 2009

Yes. I did, thank you.

  LaneFarmHouse 21:18 04 Feb 2009

Laptop is fixed. Resetting the BIOS to the default settings was the secret. Most grateful for your expert help.

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