Lap top running verrrrry slow

  Picklefactory 14:42 22 Nov 2006

A mate has asked for some help with slow running lap top and also has some sound/video problems, this is really a general query just now for advice on what to aim at first. I've cleared out quite a bit of crap, installed/run all of the following: -
AVG 7.5- no issues/viruses found
Spybot - found a dozen or more issues, all now cleaned/immunised
Disc clean up - emptied all rubbish it found
Defragged - all ran OK
I'll get another go at it over the weekend when I intend to add ccleaner and adaware. I don't have all the specs just now, I'll get all of that later. There are no crashes and it seems to be running almost everything OK, just very slowly. Any general pointers that anyone might be able to add? Sorry it's a little vague just now, I'll add more detail when I have it.

  Jackcoms 14:50 22 Nov 2006

Does you "mate" really need all the programs installed on the laptop? If not, uninstall some.

Have you looked at msconfig and disabled unnecessary programs running at start up? This will help click here

  griffon 56 14:54 22 Nov 2006

Hi PF,
I can't remember the actual reference article I read, but there is free software to detect and edit which progs run at startup. If you prune these to the absolute minimum it benefits your machine. Try these: Background Startup Progs - click here, Startup Prog Explanations - click here , Startup Prog Functions - click here Somewhere among them you might find a benefit.

  Picklefactory 14:57 22 Nov 2006

Thanks Jackoms, I have already shifted quite a few programs that "she" doesn't need (Really is a mate you know lol). Start up folder is on my to do list too. I suppose my question should have been, am I already on the right lines or is there something glaring that I should be doing 1st?

  Picklefactory 14:58 22 Nov 2006

Cheers griffon 56, too, your post popped up as I was typing. I'll check 'em out.

  griffon 56 14:59 22 Nov 2006

Hi again, There's also Win Speed Up, used to be free, now paid for but not expensive, from click here

  Picklefactory 15:00 22 Nov 2006


  griffon 56 15:07 22 Nov 2006

I take it you are familiar with Ccleaner, but if not may I remind you to click on its Issues button and 'Scan for Issues'. There may be conflicts with fragments left behind from installations and uninstallations. Ccleaner also has a very good uninstaller. I take it also that the laptop is running XP and not 98SE and will not have Dr Watson tho' it might be available as a download from MS. If not familiar, it's a system analysis tool and gives a report on things screwing up your system.

There's also a paid for System Analyser from click here.

You might also have a look on this site for free versions click here, fantastic number of topics covered with free and shareware downloads.

  Picklefactory 15:39 22 Nov 2006

Thanks griffon 56
Thought I was familiar with ccleaner, but didn't know about the issues scan. Another thing learned today.

  Picklefactory 15:45 22 Nov 2006

Yes it is XP home

  Picklefactory 12:09 25 Nov 2006

Current status:-
m/c is Acer Apire 1642WLMi with preloaded XP Home SP2 (No XP Home cd, only recovery disc, but it does have label with XP prod key), Pentium M740, 1.73Ghz and 512MB DDR2,my friend is Polish and it was bought there as a gift. I've installed AVG free, Adaware SE, Spybot and ccleaner. Run AVG in safe mode with Sys Restore off, found no virus's, which is encouraging. Spybot and Adaware found issues which they fixed, Ccleaner issues scan found plenty, all fixed. Managed to get SFC / SCANNOW to run in sys32 after having problems with 0x000006ba error from C:/
I've gone through start up list and removed everything I can that isn't necessary. m/c is now responding a little better, but still slow to boot and slow to open programs and shutdown.
I'm beginning to think I'll need to do a full recovery, but trying to avoid if poss. Other issues are crackling sound, pointing device screen click not functioning, if that makes sense, the l & r 'mouse' buttons are fine, but can no longer click on screen, only control cursor. Anyone have any suggestions for me to try? I've never messed with a laptop, and some things seem a little different to a pc, so a little unsure of myself, plus the thing 'aint mine, so don't want to trash it.
Cheers for any suggestions

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