lap top problems and programing

  end 18:27 14 May 2004

please see original thread at click here

will post here when I have opened it, the specs on the thing I HAVE to find out from the forum what it may be posible to "ask" the lap top to "do" programe -wise..........before I mess THAT up-----ummmm

  end 08:16 15 May 2004

toshiba;pentium 11 (2) processor;windows 98; hard drive 4.02GB ; used 676 MB available 3.36 GB
fat 32; ofice 97 prof ed....

  end 20:42 15 May 2004

can you please tell me if these specs should be able to "take" a CD burner and/ or internet connection??; preferably a CD burner....

  VoG II 20:44 15 May 2004

I would say "yes" to both.

  end 20:58 15 May 2004

the shop said "no" to the internet because of the "small " "processor" for the "work the web would require" ; ideally want to use it to try and get to grips with the CD burner, which, having put it on the main computer, "buggered it up", lost my cd drive, and several other programs, so took it off fast....hense, "play with lap top" and see what happens with the Processor "good enough" for the burner....I AM "doubting" after what the shop said.......

  VoG II 21:01 15 May 2004

Well I'm not 100% sure about the burner but I can't see why it would not work.

Regarding internet access, I think the shop was talking rhubarb. You do not need a fast processor for surfing the web.

I agree with VoG™, you should only be limited at all on that setup by the size of the HD, this will not affect internet or CD burning

  end 21:06 15 May 2004

I did ASK them if they COULD make it "internet capable" ( the hitch?? I am on broadband and would the lap top be "too slow"); I have got a USB extension adapter specifially to allow me to "do more with the thing"; they said that "it will not work" and "the specs are too small"....the inmpression I got was that they believe it is ...the phrase " not worth the effort" comes to mind.....

  end 21:09 15 May 2004

and where do I find the size OF the HD??or are we "saying" that it iS possible but "may run slowly" ( of far slower than I am used to on my main compuer with a FAST processor....)

  VoG II 21:10 15 May 2004

You've already said above 4.02 GB.

  end 21:20 15 May 2004

so should what I want to do BE possible, or have I been wrongly advised by the shop??...the CD burner should give no problems???(famous last words...)

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