lap-top freezing running Stinger

  end 16:26 20 Nov 2004

please see this threadclick here

for lap top specs etc

lap top still freezzing running stinger;( and no , sorely tempted though I am to chuck in my deep freeze for ...)

stops at Explorer ExE
only way to "get it back" is to literally disconnect the battery;( am "getting good" at that now!!)
tried ctrl/alt/del with absolutley zilch effect; the Task Manager thingi would not open ;kept moving the mouse around to try and stop the freeze happening but :((

the mouse freezes ands zilch happens apart from me getting a tad cross and angry with the thing//

am wondering if stinger has something on it that my lappy hates::)) or that is set in the thing to bug and infuriate ME..!!??

can anyone suggest anything ( a new head for me perhaps given my "present circumstances"); and an open window upstairs out of which to throw the thing and maybe myself on standby for the boomerang to come back.::(((

  ACOLYTE 16:44 20 Nov 2004

Are you running it in safe mode wif system restore off,have you set the files to scan in the stinger options,also stinger is a stand alone scanner have you tried with your virus program.

  end 17:06 20 Nov 2004

running it in "normal" mode;have not a clue about "system restore" switching on (OR off!!) ;
have AGV on here, how do I get stinger to run with it, and how in "safe mode"?

BUT;;;why does it only affect lappy and not tower; tower has Norton at present..??is there a "conflict " between AGV and stinger?

  VoG II 17:10 20 Nov 2004

There shouldn't be a conflict between Stinger and AVG.

To start in Safe Mode click here

You are running Windows 98 so you do not have System Restore.

  end 17:18 20 Nov 2004

will have a bash while throwing it out the window closely followed by...

it is annoying and agravating me:(

  stalion 17:29 20 Nov 2004

if throwing computer out of upstairs window make sure you throw it high so that you have time to run down stairs to catch it

  end 17:42 20 Nov 2004

"with what do I catch it, dear Liza, dear Liza...."

  end 13:50 21 Nov 2004

well; I threw it into safe mode after a huge disagreement with the Management; then managed to run stinger after finding it lost in downloads ::))

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