Landscape in wordpad

  bob308w 09:08 28 Dec 2005

Nice easy one this (hopefully). If I try to type a document in wordpad with the page setting at landscape, why can I not type a document the full width of the paper (i.e. 296mm less margins)? I can only type as far across the landscape page as the normal portrait width(210mm less margins).

  Diemmess 09:54 28 Dec 2005

On my Wordpad, choosing File > Page Setup > and then landscape, the margins change automatically for me to the default.
I can then highlight and alter the top, bottom and sides one at a time. Can you not do this?
(The measurements on my Wordpad are in inches)

  Diemmess 10:03 28 Dec 2005

Oh Oh didn't spot this one's twin!

  bob308w 10:41 28 Dec 2005

I have done what you suggest, but the ruler at the top of the page and the usable width of the paper remains at the portrait width.
P.S. I dont have a twin, just an older brother. ;<)

  bob308w 10:58 28 Dec 2005

Have loaded MS Office onto PC, no problems at all in Word. I can't say that I find wordpad an improvement on Word, in fact, a retrograde step in many ways.

  Diemmess 12:22 28 Dec 2005

Glad it is sorted now.
Just one small correction -
Wordpad is part of Windows and for what it does, I think is very good.
Word (as in MS Ofice) is the flagship of MS software and a mighty powerful program with all sorts of abilities.
The Word processor you find in MS Works is a cut down version of the MS Office Word, costs much less, is usually bundled with a new computer.
It is in my view the oddball. Yes it does a job but not the way the top Word does it and I don't think it will open the standard Word.doc

  bob308w 09:25 29 Dec 2005

Thanks for the advice Diemmess, best wishes for the New Year to yourself and all of the others out there that provide invaluable assistance to those of us that are stuggling to master our PC's.

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